Friday, 8 January 2010

Avatar vid

There is a nice little vid narrated by Sigourney Weaver on the Apple trailers site. The video is like a short documentary covering the moon of Pandora and its ecology. It uses footage for the film - so we dont get a heap of cool new snippets unfortunately.

I was really hoping that this film would do well at the box office, primarily because I was looking for the money to reward the investment in such an epic undertaking. Well, I have been blown away - it has made a packet already. Boxofficemojo have the movie at over $1.1 Billion already - awesome stuff.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Watched Miyazaki's Ponyo for the first time yesterday and it is delightful. It is such a happy little tale in fact that it only has glimpses of the quirkiness that he films bring forth for me. Even if it deosnt seem to have the same level of depth as some of the others (I love Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away) - it certainly is adorably cute.
As usual there are some lovely character additions that flesh out the film for me, the mum's crazy driving and the old ladies are great.

There are a few Ghibli blogs and sites out there, I quite like the Ghibli Blog or better the Ghiblicon.

[Ponyo pics via the Ghibli Blog]

Here is the Japanese trailer, nice to see how the translation works:

The running on the waves and meeting sequence is just sooo cute!!!


I really need to get more of the Ghibli films - have 3 on DVD now - lots more to go.
Hmmm I can hear the words "You only have 17 DVDs" a nice reference for those who know it...

Nick Carver concept work

I came across Nick Carver's Doodledump Blog and like what I found. I really enjoy the creative work of a talented concept artist and Nick has a great skill in not only presenting an idea, but imbuing it with a depth of added personality. He seems to capture this added level of character in just the same few lines - I would love to be able to do that. His capability seems to extend into some pretty neato modelling/sculpting - perhaps this is a good template for what I could do with myself...??? Very inspiring stuff...

Here are a few of his images I like - check his blog for more:

[Images/Sketches by Nick Carver from his blog]