Saturday, 30 January 2010

Starship Size Comparison Charts

There have been alot of starhips of all manner of size and shape through the anals of science fiction film and TV. Somehow Dan Carlson has created a series of Starship Size Comparison Charts showing all our favourite ships together from the small to the gargantuan.
The images/files are great - go there for the goodness , this is the sort if super geekiness that everyone can enjoy.

Plus there is Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions site which has a staggering array of ships, creatures and more at various scales.

Plus check out the Starship Schematics site for more.

[few schematic images from the Starship Schematics site]

Unity3D, Digital Urban and Visualisation

The gang at Digital Urban are one of our idols in the use of interesting technologies and their data sets. They are always experimenting with various real-time game engines and Unity is no exception. The Digital Urban blog sites Unity3D as their "development platform of choice" and their experiments are interesting as always.
Here are some bits from their efforts:

[Image from the Digital Urban blog of a Unity3D project]

There are others of course who are looking at the engine for visualisation projects of various types. Here are some links to more:

Chez Keystone's house in Unity starting with his Revit model on The Arch Network: LINK
RHDs exhibition visualisation - direct to the Unity player : LINK
Thread on Arch Viz on the Unity Forums (more links to follow): LINK

60 Chillis

Just a note that the last throws of World of Warcraft with the kids before school saw the 3 sisters triumphantly hit lev6o in Outland today and that seems like quite an achievement for our little troupe. We certainly have some great memories of our adventures over that time, both us playing together and the characters themselves.

Here is one shot of them during the xmas events, from L-R: Nachilli (Priest), Kischilli (Warlock) and Alichilli (Mage).

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The iPad

Well Apple's much anticipated new piece of hardware has arrived. It certainly isnt perfect, but it may well be another genre defining piece of kit. Apple and their designers have done a great job over the years of creating new hardware elements that shift the balance and I think this will be another. There is certainly a trend away from grunty volume to small, thin, light and underpowered, but sexy, simple and joyous - enter the iPad.

[Promo images of the new iPad via the Apple site]

I clearly hadnt been paying much attention to the rumours around the device. I was kinda hoping for a graphics tablet, a device that all graphics design people would call their own. Perhaps like a Cintiq tablet welded to a MacbookPro. I was way off, maybe I will get my wish one day. Anyhow, the iPad we get is really a giant iPhone with a super touch screen - and that is still pretty cool.

Check sites like Cult_of_Mac for all the goss, plus links to the Steve Jobbs videos etc etc.

Monday, 25 January 2010

iTunes Visualizer

I only discovered the wonderful Magnetosphere (just called iTunes Visualizer) a short time ago and now love listening with it running. It seems to have quite a few more modes than seem apparent at first and all are beautiful to watch in action. Interestingly they make pretty much any music feel like a space opera soundtrack.

Here are some screencaps of it running on my machine:

And here is a vid from youtube

Star Trek BluRay

With some enthusiasm spurned on by the Star Trek Universe game idea and memories of Star Trek at the cinema - I was looking forward to Star Trek on BluRay. Clearly for good reason as the experience is terrific, from the visuals, audio and production through to the great rebooted characters and the action pacing of their introductions and interactions.

We actually watched it yesterday and today again - loved it both times. Ok, there are some strange bits if you start to question things or look too closely, but it is Star Trek, so lets just not do that. After all ever piece of technology and how it functions is totally for the purposes of plot advancement and character development, not for internal consistency or logic.

[Image/Wallpaper from the Star Trek movie via the official site]

I hope, for the game player's sakes, that they can somehow bring this level of excitement in their universe to life for people.

UP dvd

Was very much looking forward to seeing this latest work from the masters at Pixar, not having seen it at the cinema. Even though John Lassiter was just Producing here, there are no slouches at Pixar for sure. Up, certainly doesnt disappoint, we are gifted with a lovingly told story with the characteristic funny moments and great characters.

The sequence covering Carl's past is lovely to watch, presented with no dialog or narrative, we see his life unfolding with great emotion and clarity. Dug is great and brings some humour to the actually rather scary dogs and their master.

Visually it is beautiful, we have colour everywhere and it is used with great joy from the balloons to Kevin's plumage. The official site carries this on with some lovely Flash work, here are some of images via Filmofilia which really do present the design and rendering class on show here:

[Images from Up via the Filmofilia site]

Alas no 3D experience for me at home, perhaps one day... Here are a few of Pixar's video links on youtube:
Trailer 3
Pixar talking about the film