Saturday, 6 February 2010

Oinkfrog Reel end2009

oinkfrog reel end2009

Content in order:
Character Model & Rig
__Oinkfrog 3D model turntable | clip | Maya
__WIP Oinkfrog 3D model with design sketches | still | Maya
__Oinkfrog 3D rig showing mouth blend | still | Maya
__Oinkfrog 3D full rig and controls | still | Maya
__Oinkfrog 3D model beauty shot | still | Maya
Short Animation
__3D & 2D short, script, characters, rigs and animation | clip | Maya
__Generi Detonator short, idea animation, effects | clip | Maya
Concept Art
__Apple painterly character | still | Photoshop
__Apple ninja character | still | Photoshop
__Apple clock jewelry | still | Photoshop
__Butterfly architecture | still | Photoshop
__Butterfly blade-maiden | still | Photoshop
__Moth scout at the butterfly ruins | still | Photoshop
__Elementals | still | Pencil
__Elementals - bramble | still | Pencil
__Golem - mud'n'rust | still | Pencil
__Elemental - web | still | Pencil and Photoshop
__Unicycle Agent | still | Pencil
__Mojopod | still | Photoshop
Modelling & Rendering
__Snowglobe | still | Maya
__Toytable base shot | still | Camera
__Toytable & 3D composit | still | Maya and Photoshop
Documentary Film
__iCinema La Dispersion du Fils short | clip | Camera, Final Cut Pro and ProTools
Promotional Imagery
__The Frocks logo design | still | Photoshop
__The Frocks logo work | still | Photoshop
__Frockstar concert banner art | still Photoshop
__Frockstar concert karaoke banner art | still Photoshop
__Audiotomatons soundscape and visuals | clip | Protools and Golly
Short Narrative Film
__Avril the Yawnosaur art | still | Pencil and Photoshop
__Avril the Yawnosaur art | still | Pencil and Photoshop
__Avril the Yawnosaur concept, script, film, edit | clip | FinalCutPro and After Effects
Digital Media
__Touch Strategy logo | still | Photoshop
__Oinkfrog Promo logo | still | Maya and Photoshop


Well, there it is, a showreel for my stuff as at the end of 2009. I hadn't really touched Premiere for a long time and CS4 did this job pretty easily - apart from a little aspect ratio annoyance. I hope you enjoy it, check through this blog for coverage of everything therein...

Friday, 5 February 2010

864 thousand teapots

When I got in this morning Max and the computer seem to have caught up a little with my 864,000 teapot instances. So I could actually move around (sort of) in the viewport (with no settings changed yet). This screenshot is zoomed in a bit so you can really see that all those little specs are really teapots. The file is now a touch over 1.5GB - instancing is still blowing out the file more than I expected considering how my instancing tests went. I had a plan to unlink them all - but things arent responsive enough to attempt that :-)
The limit seems to be RAM and Max, Windows7 and the computer itself are fully responsive. Max does throw things at lots of the cores, but often just in little spurts with the guts going to 1 or 2. Max is taking 10+ GB of the 12GB of RAM - this seems to be the killer at the moment...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lotsa Teapots

While setting up one of our new rigs here FBE I decided to just do a quick test in 3ds Max with teapots. The rig is an HP z800 workstation with Dual Liquid Cooled Intel-XQC-W5590-3.33GHz, 12GB RAM, 300GBSAS-15K, SLI NVIDIA Quadro3800s and more besides. I have the 64bit version of 3ds Max Design 2010 running with the special HP drivers on a nice 26" screen. So it is a beasty box and my experiment would have barely got off the ground on most hardware.

I quickly had myself at 27000 teapots and things were still useable so I ramped it way up to 108000 teapots all in one huge array basically. Things were now tough for the system, but I could still do things. Well if I could still do things, then why not add more - so I went to 432000 and this got pretty tough for the system (or software). Then just to make sure, I drove it all the way to 864000 instanced teapots in Max - blimey, that took ages. At this point things arent useable, but it didnt actually die - it just took its time with everything :-)

Here is a shot of things at the 432000 teapots stage...

I should really get around to some more sensible benchmarking - but that was lotsa fun.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

CryEngine 3D and more

Andrew Wallace is always good for diving into a 3D engine and seeing what it can do for Architectural Visualisation. Checking out Andrew's Youtube videos has plenty to see including:

CryEngine spaces rendered in anaglyph 3D - grab your glasses. It is great what this engine can do.

Here is one of multiple videos using CryEngine2 showing the sun penetration for a design scheme.

Fusion Fall

Looking at the various implementations of the Unity3D engine, perhaps the biggest of them is Cartoon Network's Fusion Fall. It is rather cool what a big budget can do with the engine in creating a cell-shaded world which is rather engaging for an in-browser MMO 3D experience. We cant get to it here in Oz, so I just have to make do with Video and Pics as below:

[Screenshots from Fusion Fall via Miguel de Icaza's blog]

I really like cell-shading, it is rather like comics merged with gaming - they tend to get heaps of style at the expense of realism = good.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Twilight and Screenplays

I was watching the Twilight bluray last night, and still beautiful it is in HD, particularly the nature sequences and all those close-ups of our love-struck duo. On the bluray side, while it may be the only HD format these days, it still seems like a special solution, rather than the only solution. Mac still don't have it on their computers, the drives aren't standard and are still expensive etc etc. Maybe if all movies were released only on bluray, but had a DVD in the case if you need it - that would help...

Anyhow, back to the film, what I was enjoying most (having seen it several times) was the writing/directing - not that I have any expertise in these areas. It is all the incidental things that combine to draw us into the characters and their world. The sequence out the front of Charlie's place when Bella gets the truck as an example, we get shown the relationship between these 4 characters, their histories, mannerisms and current awkwardness. At the same time other traits are reinforced, Bella opens the door into Jacob - nice touch that I admire in the writing/directing and something that shows off skills in the craft for me.

Sooo, I am intent on attempting to get this level of writing into my next project, be that Femto Freckles, Greeblie's Guilde, Elementals vs Golems or something else...

Here is an HD shot from the film via a MovieWallpapers blog.

[Twilight HD screenshot of Bella and the truck via MovieWallpapers]

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Crysis 2

There is a great little article on inCrysis : Crysis 2: Information Onslaught and First Screens Released. The title says it all and there are some great shots of the wonders that this new engine can achieve in the hands of the Crysis2 folk. I am looking forward to being able to play with the new engine one day soon...

[Images from the inCrysis article]

New Fantasies

The 2 new events from the Final Fantasy franchise are on our doorstep, just look at the visual splendour on show:

Final Fantasy XIII


[FFXIII wallpaper imagery via the official site]

Final Fantasy XIV


Chiili Pics

When our little triad of Blood Elf casters, the Chilli sisters got to 60, we did stop to take a few pics in Org to celebrate - here are just a few:

We did have enough cash to get the kids their flying mounts as well - they had so so much fun.


I am still mighty impressed at the amount of enjoyment WoW delivers to so many gameplay styles, whether people want to be casual, hard-core, do quests, PVP, solo, group, raid, do trades, play with friends, strangers, family, partners and over years and years.
There is a significant challenge for the next super-game that is courting all these players...