Thursday, 18 February 2010

Unity dressing room

I have been admiring the demo file available via the Unity site for the dressing room. This little app loads straight into the Unity web plugin and I really like the way the little avatars check out their clothes when you change them etc. I do like the manga-like feel, plenty of character with clearly low polys that just look great. The way Unity renders it all up and the responsiveness is great - wish I could rotate the char though...

Here are some grabs of it running in my browser - but go check it out yourself- or grab Unity and the sample files and have a peek under the covers:

[grabs of the Unity dressing room demo]

Sketching Bot

I have been doing some more concept sketches for the various ideas zipping around in my head for my final COFA project later in the year. I really feel I need to condense the ideas down now. More on that later, for now, how about we just admire a robot sketching. Ok it is a little 'robotic' but it is still very cool and very hypnotic to watch. Reminds me a little of the scene from iRobot and it is logically rather too much like tracing a photo - I guess that is pretty neat anyhow...

Monday, 15 February 2010

WoW Figure Prints

I was mighty impressed when I came across this new service from those clever Blizzard guys. World of Warcraft is big business, but it is great to see them spending the millions on cool services like this. While expensive, the fact that they can generate the 3D models from the game world (including current gear) and 3D print it off for people is very cool.
There is a video of the process on the Figure Prints site. Here are a couple of grabs of Kischilli in the posing tool when she was 60. Note that she doesnt actually have these armour sets, but what she is wearing is too too piecemeal :-)


[Images from the Figure Prints site of sample 3D prints of WoW Characters]