Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chain Reaction Clip

This post isnt digital, but there is something inspirational about the planning and complexity in creating a sequence like this - you just have to watch this video clip for OK Go's This too shall pass to see what I am talking about. Things like this dont really translate to digital while retaining the awe, we can have the complexity, but the majesty of actually constructing it isnt there in the same way...

Starcraft2 Gameplay

This gameplay footage shows off what will be with is soon, v2 of Starcraft. This has been a long long time coming, though what we see here is very much in keeping with the original. There are some clear graphical enhancements, but even there the logic is still very much like the original.

[Screenshot of Starcraft 2 without the GUI via]

One of the defining features of the first starcraft was the balancing act of the 3 races while keeping their gameplay different. I am sure Blizzard is putting all their energies into achieving that same thing this time around. Just watching these has more of a nostalgic feel for me than an excitement for something new - that can be a good thing of course...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sound Construction Kick-Off

Week one of my COFA course, Sound Construction 2. I am already enjoying the course as I feel I have so so so much to learn about sound design and this is the place to do it. Doing the in-class exercise was fun, given I need to recall all the details of ProTools from the last time - all good though.
I need to flesh out a project for the course - when I say Map Rider - hopefully some evocative sounds and images start to form in your head (sketches to come soon)...

Monday, 1 March 2010

Civ5 Cometh

Yes, the master of the 'just one more turn' addiction will have another instalment later this year. I do love a game of Civ (if only there was more time in the day/week/year). Civilization 5 looks to be ramping up the visuals, and key elements like diplomacy and combat.

[Screenshots of Civ5 via the official site]