Saturday, 10 April 2010

Crysis 2 News

Crysis 2, powered by the mighty CryEngine3 is getting closer and closer for us. The official site is now alive at SOS New York and features the new trailer:

How great is that (I love trailers), this is full of emotion, scene setting, character development and excitement to take part in the world and play our part in seeing if we can rescue the city. The site also has some great screenshots and concept art, here are some that show off the production levels in place for the game:

[Crysis2 concept art via the official site]

[Crysis2 concept art via the official site]

The production extends to the writing as well, with novelist Richard Morgan on board for the story. Make sure you pop over to the CRYNET SYSTEMS mini site as well for more on Nanosuit 2 including pics. The Engine looks simply stunning in the hands of talented artists, I look forward to being able to use it.

Here is another tech video showing off the CryEngine capability:

Friday, 9 April 2010

Jim Lee iPad drawing

I am sure that when I finally get to play with an iPad I will find it a joy, even if its use is limited to relatively frivolous things. If it could be a graphical tool, then there is some chance of it having value as a digital sketchbook of sorts. I remain sceptical, but the legend that is Jim Lee is already starting to play with it.
Jim Lee's efforts in using Sketchbook Pro on a nice new IPad to create this image of Wonder Woman can be seen on GottaBeMobile and i09. For me it clearly lacks the detailed precision that Jim's pencil sketches have and I am not even sure if a stylus will rescue the device...

[sketchbookPro images on iPad by Jim Lee via GottaBeMobile and i09]


See also Dani Jones doing his thing on the iPad as well, this one armed with stylus:

Thursday, 8 April 2010


New teaser trailer for Gaiking, spawned from the 60s anime. Giant robots doing there thing is always fun. If we can get CD anime robots going without needing ILM, then whole worlds of anime open up for us.

Unity tutorials and Audio

I was playing with my Cartographer temp level in Unity and found myself flailing around with too many concepts at once. So I went back and ran through the full FPS tutorial on the Unity 3D site. Like many tutorials I get so many assets and the code all works first time etc, quite different to the actual process. That said, it is a fun tute and does cover a fair bit of territory, not being shy to script away.

After getting through the tute I set about creating a new audio game object that would only play when the player was above a certain height. Doing something not in the tutorial is much harder! Anyhow, after a fair bit of fiddling I finally got my script to do what I needed and was elated that it does actually work. I feel much more confident now that I can build a new version of the Cartographer level and control the soundscape for my COFA project.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Cartographer Skep Sketches

Here are a few more Skep sketches. I really like this one, this new hair and the glasses is just what I am looking for, cute, young, quirky - plus I got the drawing under control.

Here are a couple more looking at the idea and fleshing out her gear and manerisms. Mavor

The continual stream of stunning works that come through on is stunning. There is so much talent out there, not just graphic talent, but imagination as well. If you hit the FINISHED thread, you will find recent posts from members of their completed works.

Picking one such thread took me to Mavor's works a few of which are below for inspiration:

[Mavor images via his thread]