Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yukio Miyamoto Illustrator

While I havent really got into vector-based illustration, when you see a real talent armed with any tool it is inspiring to see. I dot have a good feel for the real benefit of illustrating this way, esp for the 3D objects - the end results that Yukio Miyamoto gets with Illustrator are certainly inspired.

Here are some showing that all the magic really is in illustrator:

[Yukio Miyamoto illustrator illustrations via]

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

More Cartographer Sketches

Here are a couple more sketches for Cartographer, first one of Skep and then another Cloak Priest image...

DRIVE vehicle concept work has a nice little piece on Scott Robertson's inspiring work on his new book DRIVE. The book is a compilation of his concept work on a vast array of cars, bikes and all manner of similar vehicles. DRIVE is still being worked on, but Scott has a preview site for us to draw plenty of inspiration from.

I generally feel that the cars we all drive all very much the same, I love seeing this greater variety and the character imparted to the designs. Plus seeing his work go from sketch to drawing to digital 3D render.

[Scott Robertson imagery via his DRIVE preview site]

Cartographer Video Trailer Draft online

I have uploaded the Video format trailer for the Cartographer project. While the final trailer will be a real-time audio-visual experience of the Cartographer concept art and world - this is a machinima draft of that idea, bringing together the real-time footage plus an intro and other cleanup in video.

See more Cartographer bits by following the Label link.

Optics and Brains

I find twitter a great source of the wonders of the world and the net. Via @rebeccawatson I come to this optical illusion maze. It is quite remarkable how easily our brain is tricked into seeing things that arent there or arent really happening. This one is interesting as the effect is greater when your eyes move, thus making it the maze is extra clever.

-- look at it big --

Monday, 26 April 2010

Concept Art meets Theme Park meets Super Heroes

If you were to picture the idea of a Marvel Theme park in Dubai - your imagination may well light up with eh fantastic possibilities that might come together in that place. I dont know if this will ever become a reality, but thanks to we can see some visions of it from Chimera Design. The Marvel Theme Park Concept Art does a great job of combining what we think of in theme park with the super extravagances of the Marvel universe and modern technologies.

Here are a few of the images from the set:

[Concept art for a Dubai Marvel Theme Park by Chimera Design via ConceptArtWorld]