Thursday, 6 May 2010

Daz n Poser Characters

[Working Girl by Erynn via her Renderosity Gallery]

I am often impressed with the imagery that spawns from the strange little world of Poser and Daz armed with the plethora of morphs, additions and props created through the publishers and the community. The artists using these tools are often looked down upon, that everyone should be creating all their assets from a cube every time. Why not say that all the Max/Maya artists should write their own 3D modeller or their own renderer :-)

Anyhow - taking a short browse through Renderosity it is interesting to see some of the models/morphs available for characters like V4. It does make me wonder what the future of 3D might be, will we all be armed with models and rigs of the highest calibre in our tool of choice - one that we can mod rather than having to work out how to build an AVATAR rig...

Here are some of the morph products available for V4 that look pretty cool:

[V4 morph product imagery via the Renderosity store site]

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Third and the Seventh

[Few sample renders from The Third and the Seventh by Alex Roman via his site]

This is one of the most gorgeous pieces of Architectural Visualisation I have ever seen. The Third and the Seventh is a truly remarkable digital homage to architecture by Alex Roman.

Here are some poetic words describing the project from the site:
Architecture through the cinematographic lens. The visual fusion between the third and the seventh arts.
A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces.
As far as I can see this is all CG, perhaps the people as well. Simply a stunning achievement, not just technically, but for a single person to deliver so much character of lighting, grading, shots, music and architectural vision is special.

Here is the finished masterpiece:

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

and here is his video revealing some of the compositing - showing it really is CG

Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

There are a few more vids like this one that show off the modelling and post work in AE.

London Map

London is on the brain lately - so it is fun to find a cool map like this by Stephen Walter. Essentially it is a vast vast illustration in words and doodles of London. The viewer enables you to zoom from the whole 'island' down to the teensie details within. Check it out at MagnificentMaps.

[2 views of Stephen Walter's London Magnificent maps from the site]

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Vege London

Trip to Europe is getting closer. London is on the agenda in a big way, so I like this model by Carl Warner and his team. They used 25 sorts of fruit and veg to model up this version of London. I thought this was a CG thing at first - but it is actually a physical real thing created for the Good Food Channel.

[Images of the London model via]

The vid shows odd the team constructing away as well as how they comped the separate pieces together.

AVATAR bluray

Having been blown away by AVATAR in 3D in the IMAX theatre, I was a little nervous about the translation to home bluray - but need not have been it is still a remarkable experience. The visuals and audio hold up very well on my home system, delivering an emersive experience for us all. Note, cant wait for the later-in-the-year-box-set-special-feature-uber-version...

[AVATAR wallpaper via the official site - shrunk]

Check out the AVATAR youtube channel for interviews and trailers etc etc.

2012 DVD

I was prepared for 2012 to live upto its reputation of a not very good film but with remarkable special effects. And true enough that is what we get. I am continually interested in what it might be that pulls a film down, it can be relatively tricky to see what the specific changes might needed to have been made to lift a mediocre piece to greatness. There are clearly emotional attachment problems in this one, plus the follow-through on some aspects could have been far stronger. The film fails to get us to feel for any characters lost or indeed countless billions along the way. In the end it is water that id the main destructive vehicle - altitude is king. When we see the things John McClean gets upto in the Die Hard series, it adds to the fun of the whole thing, here these antics take away from the great tragedy that surrounds them. The Mayans are a side note, could have left that out altogether, the science is a strange mixture of flights of fancy, guesswork and supreme precision.

Anyhow - lets not get hung up on that, the CG is amazing. We are treated with not just a CG building or street being torn asunder, but whole city blocks, whole cities. There are indeed some very cool sequences of anarchy raining on our cityscapes.
That said, The Day After Tomorrow is better all round in my book...

Architectural Visualisation Making-of

There is an excellent pair of blog posts by Ivo Sucur covering the full process he used in creating these images of the GH House (part1 and part2). This is all on the Ronen Beckerman blog which has a host of other Making-Of articles - outstanding resource for Architectural Visualisation actually.

Here are the 2 images that Ivo takes us through his creative process for. I like the less formal approach taken here of the Architecture under construction, rather than the oh-so clean visualisations that are standard fair.

[Ivo Sucur GH House Visualisations via - shrunk]

Here are a few more visualisations to inspire a closer look at Ronen Beckerman Blog. This time by Ronen, Fietter, Celestino and Anton.

[Visualisation Imgery via the Ronen Beckerman Blog - shrunk]


Came across this exceedingly cute little character render "Namaki" by Yasush Azush on his CGPortfolio. Her design and expression is wonderfully created and delivers a very appealing image. The rendering does a nice job of blending a little cartooniness with some more real-world refinement. His CGPortfolio has other works and competition entries of course - but I like this one ... makes me smile.

[Namaki image by Yasush Azush via his CGPortfolio]

Digital Urban Agents

With the simple work I have done so far on my Cartographer Unity3D environment - I have been thinking about having the maps as agents of some sort. They could then migrate around the environment and keep from bumping into each other etc. At the moment they are armed only with a wobble script that gives them some life.


Onto Digital Urban though, they are have been looking at these things for some time and have Unity tests going already. 5 Movies on Particles, Agents and Emergent Behaviour is a new blog post which summarised their recent efforts in this area. Using the 'Crowd and Delegate' system in 3ds Max, NetLogo and Unity3D they are exploring traffic, flocking, simulation and more. Love their stuff.

Here is the newest vid - see the post for more:

Crowd and Delegates - Emergent Behaviour from digitalurban on Vimeo.