Saturday, 15 May 2010

Unity Vids

While exploring the new DAZ to Unity3D kit. I came across these videos which show off other great experiments using the engine and are proving to be most inspirational for my current and future projects.

DAZ Models into Unity

Here are 2 vids following on from the last post - showing models, clothes and animations brought in from DAZ (V4 model) to Unity.

Digimi Game Developer Kit

I have only had short looks at the DAZ editor in the past. The Digimi Game Developer Kit looks like an interesting development for me though. This set of tools is designed to bring DAZ models through to game environments like Unity. With the prospect of using Unity further for a major project in the second half of the year, this is exciting.

[promo images for the Digimi Game Dev Kit via the DAZ site]

The DAZ site has a game developer area on the site, I hope to see more capability appearing there for me. The Digimi kit has several key elements which allow us to 'decimate' the poly count down, manipulate the various model elements including the UV maps through to the FBX export. Here are 2 vids showing some of this in action:

Monday, 10 May 2010

Cartographer Audio

Sound Construction 2 is heading into a second round of audio consultations now and I have been working principally on the audio elements of my real-time environment. I find the composition part challenging without any musical background - but it is still great fun.

I have been working on the themes for the various concept art 'viewing locations' one each for Skep, the Cloak Priests and the Flyer. Each needs to have a recurring rhythm much like the intro with the text to reveal each new piece of art while also being a loop and matching the other audio elements which may overlap while in the real-time environment. See the youtube video preview to get a better idea of the plan.

Stay tuned for more...

Nicholas Ferrand Concept Art

I am always finding new inspiration on the ConceptArtWorld site and today it is some spacey/watery work by Nicholas Ferrand. Sometimes the line between finished works and more conceptual pieces as part of a process can be blurry. When artists are just so good, even their relatively quick work can look like a fully realised piece. Here are some of Vlag's images from his computer game concept work, I love the detail in the atmosphere, building a believable world fill of mood with plenty of cool.

[Nicholas Ferrand concept art via ConceptArtWorld]