Friday, 21 May 2010

CS5 install

[me running CS5 Bridge]

Well I now have the giant that is Adobe CS5 Master Collection installed and running on the Mac. I am a little frustrated that it has left all the CS4MC files and shortcuts all over my machine - not quite sure what an uninstall of CS4 will do to things either (that is a problem for another day).
I havent had too much of a play yet except to just poke around some of the new features. Those used to CS4 can just dive onto CS5 without even noticing really. I think this is a release where all the cool stuff is a layer deeper - I am looking forward to trying the brush tools for example. Here is a Wacom vid playing with some of them...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sketchup through Photoshop Archi Viz

The Architectural Illustration ‘Digital Watercolor’ Technique by Scott Baumberger is beautifully presented on Ronen Bekerman's blog. The slide players show the steps taken to bring the sketchup linework through a suite of colouring and effects in photoshop to create the final images.
I like this idea of taking the 3D model data through to a looser creative image environment. This is similar to the work of a colourist working on comic pencils/inks. Plus using multiple passes from Sketchup is sensible as well.

[Arch Viz image by Scott Baumberger via]

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

MadMaximus83 Cryengine Level

I am still very interested in the idea of using Cryengine for my my grad project. While I am heading down a Unity road at the moment, the beauty the CryEngine can deliver is very tempting indeed.

By way of an example here are some images of a game environment created by Finn Meinert Matthiesen (AKA MadMaximus83). They present some classy work in CryEngine2 here via his DeviantArt gallery which also has other cool stuff of course. Love all that complexity and depth...

[MadMaximus83 CryEngine2 game environment imagery via his DeviantArt profile]

Cowboys and Aliens

With John Favreau's Iron Man 2 all the rage at the moment, when I saw his next project was something called Cowboys and Aliens, I was immediately excited. As it turns out Cowboys and Aliens is a comic by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (plus Lente, Foley, Calero, Lima). Comic adaptations are awesome - so I am looking forward to this. I love the western genre - mix that with aliens and all is good (I love the work on Deadlands). Favreau's film version has stars aplenty and doubtless plenty of production value.

[Cowboys and Aliens cover via the official site (with the comic)]

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Audio Feedback

Had a feedback session last night for Sound Construction 2 and my Cartographer sessions in both ProTools and Unity3D. First up it is clear I need to listen to my audio in more environments, the base in that room sounded quite different and perhaps because it could cope created some overlapping base audio that needs fixing. Lots of good advice on improving things and Simon has a better idea of what the project is all about now (being quite different from the soundtrack and soundscape pieces in the class).

One of the fun discussions between feedbacks was around the Ghibli films, covering their various qualities as people talked about their favourites.


Nothing to do with that really - but time-lapse video of Icelandic volcanoes doing their thing is just cool. Let hope it doesnt get in the way of the holiday to Europe (getting closer and closer)...

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

OS OpenGL Performance

This OpenGL test at Phoronix on Mac, Linux and Win7 may not be exhaustive, but for Mac and Linux to get beat here is something of an indictment. Hell, Microsoft shows its graphical superiority in OSland here stopping all over Mac. With Steam now on the Mac, there may be more impetus to lift this performance for Maccy people.

Other reviews like this one via CNET also show Windows dominance in the graphics department.

Even so, with Steam on the Mac I wouldnt mind giving things like Torchlight a whirl:

Constructed Illusion

It is late after a stint in ProTools creating audio themes and environmental pieces for Cartographer. So it is always fun coming across things like this via Twitter. I love a good illusion - beautiful stuff. It hurts the brain to think how one goes about creating this as well...


Oh, I did watch the AVATAR bluray again today - still loving it (how many times is that...)