Saturday, 29 May 2010

9 dvd

Growing from Adam Acker's short film of the same name, 9 is a lovingly created world where humanity is gone and the wasteland rules. The characters are full of charm, each bringing enough quirkiness to their personalities to make the set fun to follow. The visuals are where the film stands out though and it does have that Burtonesque feel.

The various mechanical monsters are also very cool, quite creepy. I like the poster set for each of the characters, see below copies from the WeAreMovieGeeks post which also sports some concept art as well.

[9 posters via the wearemoviegeeks site]

Steampunk Imagery

After just watching 9 I was inspired to show a few images from a collection of Steampunk Wallpapers on HowToGeek. The images show off how cool the genre can be at various scales, with vast airships soaring over the countryside, rivets holding walking cities together and black smoke belching from infernal engines.

[steampunk wallpapers via HowtoGeek]

Mari - texture projection painting system cometh

There is a nice article on CGSociety covering the wizardry of a software toolset called Mari. A small army of texture artists on Avatar used this power to create the characters and landscape elements we all enjoyed on Pandora. Now it looks like The Foundry will bring it to market from Weta Digital...

Here are some of the youtube tech demos of Mari in action. While still in alpha - it is clearly already very capable...

CryEngine Mods and a Delorean

As I have been powering along with my Unity creation for Cartographer, I like coming across people doing cool things with other 3D engines, esp the CryEngine.

Here is a clever little mod bringing the time travelling coolness of a Delorean to the CryEngine world. This Back to the Future mod has some very nicely realised pieces:


There are a few vids for The Other Side which uses the engine to create a 3D side-scrolling jumper-shooter game. This demo shows off the logic and has plenty of polish - I like the way the map zips around as the direction of movement changes.
Outside & Tunnels | Tunnels & Inside | Inside

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Photoshop Little Planets

Here is a great and intriguingly simple little effect powered by the polar coordinates function in Photoshop. The Creative Nerds have a short and sweet video tutorial on how to make these little gems. The tutorial page and the following user gallery page have heaps of examples of the oh-so-clever finished product - here are a few examples:

[Little Planet images via Creative Nerds]

Cartographer Unity more progress

More progress on the Unity environment for my Cartographer real-time concept-art trailer. Finished version is due next Monday, I intend to present in real-time for the class at that point.
Over the last week I have got images fading in and out at the various concept art viewing locations in the environment. This was tricky to get synced up with the audio, but now seems to be working pretty nicely. The revised audio themes at this point are in the world and being underneath the maps is now nice and gloomy, with the altered footstep audio from before.

I created some quick map-like integrations of the concept sketches, they are all kinda small to fit into the window on the GUI and only appear for a several seconds each time. Here are a few: