Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Big Zoooomers

While looking at the mighty Sony HX5V as the more portable super-camera, there is the obvious diversion into the world of big zoom cameras (20-24x) that fall between the point'n'shoot digicams and the full DSLRs. I have to admit I havent delved deeply into this area, but here are a few of the cameras making themselves known in this sub-category.
Clearly these cams fall between the 'pocket' variety and the full body cameras in size. Thus they can sport bigger lenses capable of grabbing more light and they need quality image stabilisers or that massive zoom is no use at all. Here are 3 models that show the type of thing in this class: Pentax Optio X70, Nikon Coolpix P90 and the Canon Powershot SX20 IS.

[Images of big-zoom mid-range digicams via Steve's Digicams]

Irawan Images

[Heri Irawan imagery via CGPortfolio]

I enjoy spotting nifty portfolios on CGPortfolio and the work of Heri Irawan has been sitting in a tab on my browser for a while now just begging to make an appearance on this here blog. I like the delightful clarity of the images, plus we get beautiful girls, strange creatures and imaginative combinations.

[Heri Irawan imagery via CGPortfolio]

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

GPS Camera

With the rise of geotagging photos through Flickr and Picasa, it seems obvious that now I am looking at a new digicam that grabbing one with GPS would be an obvious step. With a European holiday in the mix, lining up the images with the locations in time would be a super improvement.
As it turns out, digital cameras armed with GPS just arent that common at all, indeed they are still completely special. I am not looking for a large DSLR camera, but a more compact shooter with video, decent zoom and as many features as a quality manufacturer can shove in there, including the GPS.

Interestingly the menu for this type of gadgetry seems to point wholly to the Sony HX5V. This little beauty not only brings the GPS/compass along, but looks like a lovely package of quality and technology that I can fit in a decent sized pocket. The more I look, the more I love the idea of this camera - drool.

[Sony HX5V promo pic via the AU Sony site]

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===== EDIT =====

I should have found and noted the Panasonic DMC-TZ10 which also has GPS going. I still like the Sony one, but the TZ10 looks great anyhow. Links: dpreview and cameralabs.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Aurora Images

[Aurora images via the Abduzeebo post - all via Flickr]

These images arent digital, despite their similarity to Outland. Yes, our remarkable little world can show us things far beyond the normal blue sky with wispy clouds. The image set compiled on Abduzeedo shows a wonderful array of colours and forms. If we put this into a 3D environment, would people accept it or just think it was all fake?

Images are via Flickr actually: 1 2 3 4.

[Aurora images via the Abduzeebo post - all via Flickr]