Friday, 20 August 2010

Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D

There are many competitions running on the web for digital artists, many running out of the main hubs for these communities. The Unearthly Challenge spans these sites in one big comp with 3D and 2D areas. The quality is astounding and the site currently has some of the top entries displayed from the end of last year.
The truly inspirational work of these people is lovely to see. The level of detail in all aspects of the creation from concept, design, modelling and texturing to the lighting, composition and rendering. I will hopefully find some blogtime to visit the individual sites for some of these 3D artists as well, so much to learn from them.
Perhaps the coolest part of the whole show is that the 3D work is based around game environments, so we have low poly counts and no rendering - yet the results are gorgeous. The rules for the comp are quite strict including the 350K tris to create their magic.

Here are a small few - go to the site for higher res and lots more entries:

Entry by Matroskin

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Matroskin]


Entry by EzMeow

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by ExMeow]


Entry by Joyal

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Joyal]


Deep Discovery by Bbox85

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Bbox85]


Wasted Hope by Adam

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Adam]


All Good Things by Brisk1

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Brisk1]

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Raining Fire

Sebastian has posted some more screenshots from the Raining Fire project which sets out to use the CryEngine to create a movie at high quality. The thread on CryMod has been going for a while, with each update greeted with suitable applause. Here are some of the latest imagery from the project, truly impressive what the CryEngine can do, even if this isnt in realtime. The detail, mood, lighting and effects are all coming together in the dynamic environment and we are all eager to see the next set of images and video.

[Screenshot from Raining Fire WIP from Sebastian on CryMod]

Just to show it all off, here is the previously presented video:

The lure here to create my Cartographer world in CryEngine is high!

DA2 and DCU Trailers

Continuing the trailers theme for a little more, here is the new trailer for Dragon Age 2 and the one for DC Universe Online. Both have the advantage of characters and stories to be told. Both pieces show off the license, game concept and visual property to good effect. I think, in general, people take for granted that this sort of work can be done - I know it is a major achievement - be inspired:

In the DA2 trailer, I really like the main character's arms, esp when he is getting up off the ground - great work.


While we are here - how about 2 more Star Wars Force Unleashed teasers showing off some beloved characters:

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


There has been quite a bit of discussion here at FBE around creating showreels for our courses to show off the student work done. I am interested in the idea of creating showreels for all manner of things here including we staff.
The idea of creating a way for software to generate a showreel based on a folder of content is interesting. Can a system emulate enough of the creative element in such things to build quality trailers with minimal input? Maybe some templating would be a good first step.

Here is an Autodesk 2010 Showreel to drool over:

CryEngine Visualisation

I am still contemplating the completion of my Cartographer environment using the new CryEngine when I get my hands on it, though Unity 3 will be fun as well. Anyhow here is another visualisation of a resort-like interior tropical beach. The everything_is_frozen_apart_from_the_water effect is slightly odd and we arent treated to anything new here - but it is good to see more examples of the technology being applied.