Saturday, 4 September 2010

Unlimited Detail

The polygon and a suite of texture-based support technologies have been the mainstay of computer graphics, enabling both rendered imagery and real-time engines to their stuff. Well if we are willing to go with the crew at Unlimited Detail on their journey, this will all change.

[Unlimited Detail promo images via their website]

Their idea is to use search algorithms to deliver each pixel to the screen for us, and through that magic present incredible levels of geometric detail and in real-time. It is hard not to be sceptical, but I do love revolutionary advances, nice as the evolutionary ones are. I am always amazed that I can do a Google search for "pixel" and be told in the blink of an eye that there are 450 million hits on pages, video, images and such. So if our PCs (and mobile devices) can do this as well, and we can turn it to 3D graphics - then that sounds so so so cool. The potential here is off the charts and may well shake up all whole host of things including all the modelling apps and processes we use today, what does it mean for UVs, will this mean a new type of graphics card optimised for this sort of operation...

Here are 3 vide from the Unlimited Detail folk explaining the system:

Thursday, 2 September 2010

iPad, Citadels and Engines

The Unreal 3 engine is now finding its way onto the iPad as well and boy does it look good (iTunes link). Epic Citadel looks amazing on the iPad, I have it running in Guided Tour mode on the desk here. While my iPad had been showing off holiday pics, the 3D world makes a nice change.

[Epic Citadel shots via the Epic site]

The complexity of the world is quite high for a little device, with the sun effects and a few extras like the water and flags bringing some extra life to the little world. Navigation with the thumb-controls takes some getting used to, the click-and-look method is easier in a way.

This is an exciting development that illustrates that the leading game engines will move towards supporting more and more platforms including mobile devices like this, web browsers, multiple OSes and gaming consoles. Theoretically we will be able to create things once, then just mod them for the various targets.

Have a look at the gameplay Epic are adding to this environment - Project Sword!

I can see this as a great way to present a design (say Architecture or product) to a client with a slideshow of images plus a 3D experience as well. I am sure the client would love the iPad part of the 'gift' as well. Hmmm, tempted to take another look at the Unreal 3 UDK...

More news on my experiences with an iPad coming soon, from the good (comics) to the not so good eBooks.

Arkham City

Rocksteady is set to release Batman Arkham City following up their success with Arkham Asylum. Details are thin at this stage with this teaser setting things up:

Then there are screenshots starting to appear like these, that look incredible. The quality of the Unreal3 engine still clearly on display. We did have trouble with the engine for visualisation purposes, but when put in the hands of serious game developers, the results are great. Coupled with some great artistic use, the engine is able to bring mood and life to Gotham and her denizens:

[Arkham City early screenshots]


Here is an artist who draws together the stylings of graffiti, comics and also digital work to create an array of work that is bursting with energy and style. Filipe Aguiar, aka ScorpionBlaze has a range of work on his Deviantart Gallery which show off his work in various media. Abduzeedo collected a set of them for his blog as well - inspirational stuff. Here are some examples from 2 of the sections in his gallery - check there for many more and higher res.

Marker Sketches

[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]


[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]

Oh and I love the t-shirt design on this one - extra cute!

[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Autocad to return to the Mac

Autodesk looks set to release a new version of Autocad native to the Mac. This is winding back the clock a long way, though Autodesk have purchased things that live in Macland as well, like Maya.
This will help people who want to be on a Mac, but do a little CAD as well - look at the screenshots of it in beta thanks to the MacLife article - looking good.

[Autodesk on the Mac via Maclife]

Monday, 30 August 2010

Wowzers Eorzea in Crysis

Ulysses182 (aka Ante Rendulic) from Crymod has been treating us with his WIP for his Eorzea project for a while now. The work was stunning right from the get-go, sometime later we are treated to some gorgeous environmental eye candy. Lets start with his little video to get this look at the work going:

I love the clarity and depth that the CryEngine allows creative talents to bring to our screens. I look at this with my next-project-glasses on and with Moths, Butterflies and their environment in mind, the appeal of the engine is at a high.

Even the stills of his WIP from the thread convey a great deal of natural beauty (inspired by the FinalFantasy XIV trailer). The sweeping waterfalls, scraggly rock outcrops, tangled jungle and whispy clouds are all handled with grace - using the engines strengths. Clearly there is room for improvements all over the level, but I am still inspired by what he has created.

Ok lets have a few more pics - but check the thread for the higher-res versions and much more more more:

[Ulysses182 CryEngine WIP images via CryMod]

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Moth Concept

Here is another Moth warrior concept sketch and colour treatment. Here I am working on how the Moth character of gear and texture separates them from their Butterfly cousins. We get the wood, thorns, teeth, carapaces, wraps, tattoos and colour pallet that is more Mothlike.
Sketch was on paper first pencil then simple ink before all the colour work in photoshop.

Lego meets Crysis meets Star Wars

Egykettoharo has created a range of Star Wars Lego models and brought them into CryEngine for us to admire. Here are a few of the pics (and vid) from the thread on Crymod:

[Star Wars Lego models in CryEngine by Egykettoharo via Crymod]