Saturday, 25 September 2010

Drexel Sampler

Drexel uni has a nice Student Sampler, which is just the sort of combined showreel we have been looking at for FBE as well. The Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design has a great range of graphical disciplines, so their Sampler looks great. Look at it on their site for the higher quality version.

Skulduggery Pleasant

The kids just love this book series, Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. Here are a few wallpaper images from the site showing off the skeletal physique of the main character and some of the other magical characters.

I started reading them to join in the fun, has me interested in narrative creation at the same time. I have also been reading bits of Writing Fiction for Dummies as well, love reading about plot structures and character archetypes etc.

[Images from Skulduggery Pleasant via the official site]

BENV2423 Experiment 1

The Real-Time Interactive Environments course here in FBE is always one to watch. They use CryEngine2 to create experiments around the Porosity research. The students are well into Experiment 2 now, but Russell has posted up the best 6 videos showing off these first year students work so far. The Course Blog and all the sub-blogs for the tutors and students are a great way to explore the work in this interesting area of study.

Here are the videos from 4 of the students that show off their work in the engine - see the blogs for more:

Trailer Park

This post is a simple collection of some recent trailers for both games and film that caught my eye for some reason. These show off their game/film with great gusto, inspiring our engagement with the franchise, characters and worlds. The craft of creating an experience in 1 or 2 mins is also something I continue to draw inspiration from. Well lets check out 8 videos

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part1
This trailer started its own burst of activity on twitter and certainly puts to rest any thoughts of this long running set of films losing any appeal. The little kids are all frown up and holding the screen and the effects work is stunning - this enhances the magical feel of it all. Bill Nighy is awesome!

Halo Reach
The Launch trailer for Bungi's last mega game in the franchise. Here they overload the senses with everything that makes the series shine and builds the logic for the new directions and the gameplay awaiting their legions of fans.

Legend of the Guardians
From the creators of Happy Feet comes a fully CG adventure story. Owls taking on all the character roles makes for a new take on the many fantasy journey type stories. The CG looks gorgeous, all those feathers and flying.

Marvel vs Capcom 3
The Marvel characters just look incredible, full of power, style and flair. The graphical treatment brings to life the comic medium and when we insert the Japanese feel of the Capcom elements the energy, angles and grace goes up to suit.

Tron Legacy
The ultra-cult status of the original film means this is clearly one to watch - check out how modern CG and design is bringing the world back.

The Last Airbender
Maybe not the greatest film (from what I hear from people who have seen it), but the trailers are graphical showcases, this version has more of the kids/characters in it.

Raving Rabbids
Here are the pesky rabbids taking on the Wild West - cool huh!

Big, dark, mysterious, ominous take on alien disaster and giant monster tales. Here we get the mini narrative form of the trailer, showing just enough to lure us in without giving away too much and slicing the footage to tweak things away from what really happens.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Story Symbol

Here are a couple of speedy renderings of the magical symbol aligned with Alicia's story. She has a series of magical characters all of whom seem to be drawn to darker usage of their magic. So I created this symbol for her to adorn main characters as with the image a few days ago.
I think there is a little Cthulhu, tri-geometry, witchcraft, vile tongue and such in a relatively clean design that can hang from a chain or have things hang from it.

Now to wait for Alicia to name the symbol and/or what it represents in detail...

Monday, 20 September 2010

SketchUp 8

Google have released the latest version of their wonderful modelling application. SketchUp 8 brings a modest set of enhancements by 3d software standards, but keeps well to its logic, which is an intuitive and simple beast. I have had a play with the free version already, Pro adds some more goodies as well. The interface is essentially the same, we do get a few little bits like dotted hidden lines, scene thumbnails and volume calculations - this quick thing I made is a cool 20.6 metres cubed.

The Building Maker for adding 3D geometry to aerial photos linked to Google Earth and now SketchUpis very cool. While Sydney isnt one of the cities live yet, Melbourne is and I had a little go at a warehouse. I am not sure how much detail is important yet, or how to handle the variation from photo to photo. Regardless it is an exciting prospect for a 3D Sydney model to come.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Studio Ghibli comes to the PS3

[Ni no Kuni screenshots via the Joystiq article]

A new game coming to the PS3 is Ni no Kuni, created by Level5 with animation by the legendary Studio Ghibli. There can be no better studio to put at the helm of a cartoony computer game and from the screenshots and footage, the result is gorgeous. From the cute little lantern-nosed character to our hero and the other protagonists, we await more.

I'm the Freeman

I think I would still rank HL2 as the best gaming experience created to date, even if it isnt the game type that resonates with me most. The compelling experience was filled with new physics-based puzzles, carefully crafted action that made every player feel special, nice strategic combat sequences, frightening zombies all wrapped up in stunning visuals.

Anyhow, onto Marco Spitoni (who works for WETA Digital) who has created a stunning teaser for his personal Half Life CG trailer project. The result is gorgeous, seeing the G-Man in third person, right in the thick of the chaos - wonderful.

The amount of work on display here is inspiring, to bring everything together to this level shows great dedication and with all those assets and effects under control I can see he will be able to deliver on his longer trailer vision.

Here are some of his other videos going back - in - time ...

Marco's Cee-Gee site has some images from the creation of these videos as well, always inspiring for me to see the proofs of concept, WIP images and other tid bits that reveal the creation of the whole.

[CG image test by Marco Spitoni from his Cee-Gee site]