Saturday, 2 October 2010

Moth Concept JSC

I decided to take a different approach to a Moth concept art piece for my ongoing Moths vs Butterflies project. The approach here was a little different, starting with one of comic master J. Scott Campbell's images as the form basis. Above is the final piece, below are a series of images showing things coming together in photoshop. In the end I am not so sure how important the JSC start point was, as things evolved a fair way from there. I certainly enjoyed playing with the brush options to keep things textured as the colour came in.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

JSC part3

Time to dive into a suite of J. Scott Campbell's stunning covers for Marvel. He is something of a cover junkie really, while it is great to see his work there, it does make the interior artist seem inferior all too often. His cover for Amazing Spider-Man 601 is lovely work, we get a gorgeous Mary Jane, the emotional link to the story and a stylish Spidey out there doing his thing.

Have a look at the eye catching work he has done for Marvel:

[J. Scott Campbell covers for Marvel via the Marvel site]

Tron Legacy Concepts

Tron is one of those classic sci-fi films, the decision to bring it back to our screens must have been exciting for any concept artists and/or industrial designers who might join the fun. There is a nice collection of the Tron: Legacy Concept Art on Collider. There is work here from Daniel Simon, Phil Saunders, Robert McKinnon, Neville Page and David Levy to admire. They all bring a careful, constructible, industrial design grounded authenticity to their ultra stylish and sci-fi-cool design work. The famous light-cycles now look like they could be made for real and the light-suits wearable in this rounded new world crafted for the film.

Here are a few of the concept images for Tron: Legacy by these talented guys:

[Tron:Legacy concept art via]

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Time Based Viz - second assignment

Jeremy's Time Based Visualisation is one of the cool courses running here in FBE this session, where students are learning how to create architecturally related video, combining shot footage, rendered digital models, compositing and other sundry concepts.

One of the cool videos so far is Jon Derrin's Archidroid v1.01 - enjoy:

Archidroid v1.01 from Hieronimo on Vimeo.

cool huh and it is great to have the students WIP blogs on the internet for us all to see. I am really looking forward to seeing the final work from the course - should be amazing.


Oh and our delivery of our various AR glasses from Vuzix came today, quick test showed that they work, hopefully Jeremy can get them doing all manner of cool stuff...

JSC part2

A quick look at J. Scott Campbell's work on some superheroes, again via his Deviant Art Gallery. He certainly brings the classical comic overstyling to superheroes, accentuating lines, muscles, beauty and dynamic grace. We could easily say that the characters are a little over-posed, but they still carry a tense beauty that works for superheroes, everyone looks strong, confident and capable while retaining his distinctive look.

[Superhero imagery by J. Scott Campbell via his DeviantArt profile]

Here are a few more from about the place - doing a Google image search reveals plenty of JSC inspiration.

[J. Scott Campbell comic images]

Sunday, 26 September 2010

JSC part1

My plan is to do a short series of blog posts devoted to J. Scott Campbell, comic artist extraodinaire. Rather than lump a series of his gorgeous imagery, sketches, panels, videos and more into one post, this will give each its own little breathing space. I have a vague plan to do a few concept pieces for Moths vs Butterflies directly inspired by his work, that should be fun and challenging.

Fairytale Fantasies.

[Cover image from J. Scott Campbell's 2011 calendar via his DeviantArt Gallery]

Here are some images from his new 2011 calendar which features his take on some classic tales with his trademark girls. I remember his run on Gen-13 and Danger Girls and for those not aware, these images bring that style to these snapshots of those stories. He certainly brings a very sexy vision of the fairytales to life - check out his Deviant Art Gallery for more:

[Images from J. Scott Campbell's 2011 calendar via his DeviantArt Gallery]

Red Bull Photos

[Photos from the Red Bull Illume contest 2010 via the official site]

Red Bull have a special site illume, which draws together a whole thread of stunning imagery. The finalists in their Image Quest competition reveals some stunning work. I think the frozen majesty of these images pretty much speak for themselves, here are a few of my favourites to lure you there for more.

[Photos from the Red Bull Illume contest 2010 via the official site]

Lego Architecture

Lego is very cool stuff, so when an artist like Adam Reed Tucker uses the medium to create his vision of some famous modern architecture the result is this. Brickstructures shows off this endeavour with images and commentary on some 15 giant lego models. Lego have joined in from their side as well, releasing some special smaller versions in collaboration with Tucker.

[Lego Architecture by Adam Reed Tucker via his Brickstructures site]


But lets tip our hats to some magic by Danish architecture practice BIG. They have a very cool video showing their construction of a huge model for an exhibition. Check out NinjavsPenguin blog for some stills, but take a look at what 250,000 bricks and plenty of man-hours can create:


Hell, lets finish with a little news-bit on Legoland California. You can even take a StreetView stroll past the attractions...

Plus their promo video for those that like rides - lego-themes rides at that!


I would love to have this many lego bricks...