Saturday, 30 October 2010

Artist: David Levy

Time to explore the work of a class concept artist and visual director David Vyle Levy. He worked on Tron Legacy and a host of other visual projects. He has a real style for mechanical constructs bringing a real complexity to them. I love the way it looks as though he painted the various pieces so quickly, yet the detail level is just right - the implied LOD is incredible. Vyle has a nice sense of dynamics in his work, things look like they are in motion, or at least prepared to be. This is something I would love to emulate and how cool would it be to wield a digital brush with his clarity and skill atop some cool conceptual thinking.

Lets check out some of the work from his website gallery and blog:

[David Vyle Levy works via his website]

Friday, 29 October 2010

iray and GPU rendering

With Autodesk 3ds Max turning 20, they are running a competition to create a rendered scene using a GPU engine like Quicksilver or iray. With the FBE/ASB Fermi workstation coming in soon I am keen to see what our guys can generate through the NVIDIA cards (probably a single Quadro 6000 in a decked out HP Z800 though other configs are cool as well).

If we look at the cool things that Mental Images is doing with MentalRay - iray and RealityServer.

[iray images from teh MentalImages site]

Gamey Goodness

How about this workstation platform/rig from NovelQuest, The Emporer 1510. Maybe they make these for trade shows, you would have to be pretty geeky to grab one for yourself.

[NovelQuest Emporer 1510, images via Geeky-Gadgets]


Back to semi-normality, I have ordered a gorgeous Logitech G700 to arm myself with now (should be here any day). I have been setting up the HP 8740w beast as well - speedy. But no need for more pics of these things, lets check out these. First the Coolermaster Storm Inferno , then the concept Vanguard mouse.

[Pics of more gaming mouse goodness]

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Moth Weapon Study

After the set of Butterfly weapons, here are a suite of weapons from the contrasting Moths. This time the weapons are more grown and crafted with bare hands. They are more organic and feature wrapping, braids, whips, thorns and are generally more about hitting and tearing than slicing and piercing. We also get the Moth browns and greens in abundance.

Oh and I cant resist having the overlapping version as well - looks nice and triffidy.

Cross-Eye 3D

I hadnt tried this before (and it is pretty tricky and eye/brain hurting) but the idea of seeing 3D images this way is pretty clever non-the-less. Abduzeedo's blog post brings together a suite of stereoscopic videos using this cross-eyed method. Below is a training one, I used my finger in front of the screen to help me focus at the right spot...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Call of the Fireflies

I like seeing CryEngine mods, the engine brings so much visual beauty to bear without needing a huge production team. A great example is Clement Melendez' mod Call of the Fireflies. This little mod sees us take on the role of an old man following the fireflies while trying to survive the cold and solve the puzzles as we go through the frigid landscape.

These stills show the visual quality of the world he has created and the walkthrough lets us see how it all hangs together. Things are already setup very well in the CryEngine to support creating a cold world, with the small timber structures. The video still makes us look fast and able, I would have like the world to slow us down, even the wind. That said - super job.

[Screenshots from Call of the Fireflies via the official site]

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Biggs HDR Architecture

Abduzeedo's blog always has interesting visuals for us. This post is an interesting one, it collects together a suite of HDR photography of various pieces of interesting architecture. The effect is quite interesting when the dial is turned up like this, creating an almost eerie clarity. The images have a manipulated feel, even a CG look to them - the certainly make for dramatic images of the places. I think they create a stylised image that really draws you in - fantasy and reality - gorgeous.
The examples from the post below are all from Simon Biggs who's flickr stream is fill of these super images of London (reminders of recent holiday):

[HDR Architectural photography via Abduzeedo's blog]