Saturday, 4 December 2010

Eclipse BR

Watched Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight series on BluRay and while it might not completely satisfy as a film, some of the effects and colour treatments are cool. The wolves are even better this time around and the interaction with their fur is beautiful.

The CGSociety article on the effects work done for the film looks at the wolf fur, the vampire death shattering, snowy additions and plenty of compositing. Image Engine and Tippett Studio have important work to do in integrating the beastly look and movement of Vamp and Wolf alike with the humans. These mythical races are crucial to the telling of the story and their otherworldly natures need to relate to Bella and feel integrated to the world.

[Eclipse CG imagery via CGSociety article]

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Firefall is another ambitious attempt to bring the FPS game type to the massive scale of the MMO. Planetside was the only real success in this endeavour previously and Red 5 Studios look to be making a fair stab at it again. While still some way from a release, Firefall is looking beautiful, with its modified version of Intel's Project Offset engine and the semi-cel-shaded look to things.

Straight from the opening shot of the cinematic trailer we see the style here, with the dramatic comicy feel to otherwise deep and detailed graphics. We get a range of classes and playtypes with PVE missions, resource collection and duking it out in PVP.

If they can pull off everything, this could be an interesting addition to the MMO shelf - coming sometime in 2011. Here are some stills and concept work:

[Firefall imagery via the official site]

NIDA Exhibition

The DanceSpot concerts are on at the Parade Theatre at NIDA again this year. The foyer has an interesting exhibition of work by NIDA students in things like the design of costumes, sets and productions. Here are a few pics I snapped: