Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sandbox2 and MvB test TODO

Bit more exploration of Sandbox2 today included plying with clouds, fog, more insects, light beams and various other misc particle effects. Sometimes my screen is full of bugs fluttering all over the place - looks super.

Here is my test TODO list for Moths vs Butterflies as far as Sandbox2 (CryEngine) goes:

Project setup (file structure and versioning)
Island scale
Ground texture painting
Rock, vegetation control of placement




_layers (floor, ferns, trunks and vines, canopy tallest trees)



Shafts of light (fog/dust)
Custom Vegetation (swaying vs not)
Glowing plants
Bring in custom geometry (buildings)
Bring in custom character model
Use custom character as player
Aerial AI (flying creatures)
Flying character movement
Capture video (detail level)
Still image render
Camera setup
Facial animation
Screen Menu
Positional Audio
Triggers (for sound)
On-Screen reader (for the story)
Triggered Events (storm, trailer, story, concept art, etc)
Time of day controller ingame
_Storm (wind)




Sickly goop (ground plus vapour)
Shimmering, reflective and translucent textures
Texture mapping details

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