Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crysis 2 Story Trailer

Harnessing the power of CryEngine 3 we have the Crysis 2 coming to our computers very soon now. This isnt just a visual feast, but a world with a serious plot and characters to flesh out a city under siege.
The Story Trailer sets the scene and has an epic film quality to it - finishing up by placing the fate of all in our hands. There are plenty of parallels with Half Life 2 for me, and that was a remarkable experience.

You can see the capability of the engine to handle high complexity and high quality all in realtime for us. The characters are looking great, even if the lip-sync isnt and so many characters onscreen at the same time with the lighting, effects and mood in concert with the music.

The sequence with the train crashing through the downtown station - incredible that we get this in realtime!!

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