Friday, 4 March 2011

realtime rendering and graphics cards

By way of a quick update on things in this arena, we have the announcements from Autodesk of the 2012 releases of things including 3dsMax 2012 (coming very soon). We get improvements in the viewport acceleration (quicksilver is cool) and the GPU powered iray renderer and even 'stylistic rendering options' (check out the videos on these features)
Case studies showing off the capabilities of GPU rendering are becoming more common and with tools we know and love like iray and V-Ray RT. We have one HP8740W with the 4000M card under the hood in FBE already, need to get some numbers from it, anecdotally it is fast.

My 8740W sports a 1800M card - this is now a lowly 79th on the Notebookcheck Mobile Graphics Cards Benchmark List. With even the 400M only coming in 17th we can see how fast the development of the cards still is for us. I still like the game view as well.

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