Friday, 22 April 2011

Concept Art: Huen and Lisowski

I came to these two bodies of work via ConceptArtWorld which does a great job of bringing these talented people to our attention. Both of these artists have some nice examples of character variation/development in very specific styles and some super environment design work as well.
One of the things that Concept Artists seem to bring to the urban and architectural context us such character and mood, things so often missing from the professions actually creating our built environment.

Benjamin Huen

[Benjamin Huen Concept Images via his blog]


Michal Lisowski

[Michal Lisowski Concept Art via his site]

But I cant leave it there, as his site has this one gallery set for his concept art on Sala Samobojcow Suicide Room which is just full of inspiration in every piece. The character developments, options and thamatics are gorgeous:

[Michal Lisowski Concept Art via his site]

Hell, lets have some more, the set is so good:

[Michal Lisowski Concept Art via his site]

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