Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stroggtank art and armour reference

I am always on the lookout for reference art (and other imagery) for projects, including the current character design thinking for Moths vs Butterflies. The Butterfly armour here involves fine tracery over the top of plates with integration of jewel-like qualities here and there. The pieces are a mixture of tight conforming segments that occasionally fly-out beyond the signature body shape.


STROGGTANK Reference Cetaur
I came across Carlos Ortega's CGPortfolio and in particular his images of 'Tesalia, a young female centaur' created in Maya with postwork in Photoshop. Here is a nice little CG model which features armour very much like that the Butterfly characters including the swirling metal and a simple yet vibrant colour scheme. The bow is pretty cool as well, though I have been pushing the idea further for prop elements like this. His Gallery is full of other works and more imagery of Tesalia even - well worth a browse.

[Carlos Ortega images via his CGPortfolio Gallery]


In the spirit of reference imagery for the Butterflies, fantasy High-Elves are good value. Some Google image searches around this brings forth all manner of other artists with related ideas (I might cover some of them in future posts)

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