Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Convertible Tablet PC

I do love my HP 8740w and put in many many hours on it each week. However for work I also have LOTS of meetings that need attention. I occasionally take the big beasty along, but it can be a little oppressive, so I generally take my iPad along to take notes and stay in touch. Thus I can, in a rudimentary way, do the basics like email, calendar, basic text notes and even dabble with instant messaging and some web capability. Note I am using DropBox to sync my notes files between the laptop and the iPad.
While the iPad is clearly more productive than just a piece of paper, it is pretty terrible when it needs to stack up to the power, versatility, capability, fluidity, multi-taskicity and so forth of a windows (or mac) interface.
So, I get plenty of enquiries from people asking about using the iPad as a productivity tool for those of us who do have an armada of meetings to attend. It has some nice things, its profile is low, it is very light, it lasts all day and it is a lovely lovely toy. So we cant type without looking (well I cant) and we dont have our native apps (outlook, IM, word, excel, web, etc) or file management and projector link niceties etc etc.
I am now thinking/hoping that the world of the convertible tablet may come to the rescue...

Maybe HP's new 2760p which is an upgrade to the 2740p but with this year's nice internals including the new Sandy Bridge i5s and i7s. I am keen to find a way to try this out, I am sure I can get a loan from HP. It will be interesting to see if there is much value above a regular 12" laptop with the touch screen and wacom interface - which I hope is cool in reality. It certainly wouldnt be the ultra-thin and light iPad, but it would be an actual computer which I would love.


Here is some early info on the HP 2760p, including the datasheet and info from places like GottaBeMobile.

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