Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sonic Chilli Group Col

I havent done much on the Sonic Chilli concept with Alicia for a little while, but when I scrolled past my earlier concepts the other day I decided to do a colour treatment for some of them.
So I grabbed 4 of the sketches for the teenage super-hero band members and brought them together as the WIP images below show. This time I worked with pretty much a single colour layer beneath a multiply sketch layer and a faint version of that same layer on normal which pulls back the intensity for me. I also played more with the Accented Edges filter on the sketches at the end - I like the effect in combo with the colour.

Things are still pretty rough, both the sketch and elements of the colour which I actually like in this case, they are my attempt at ideas, not full rendered people - some of the crookedness for example makes the girls seem a little more real as well (or maybe I have been staring at it too long :-) I like how having the WIP images in a set like this shows things slowly filling in.

From L-R we have Shyla, Poppy, Tim and Jordie - more on their story and powers later. As a group they look a little unhappy, I will look at another version where they are meant to be together and more of their emotional character can come through as well...

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