Sunday, 3 July 2011

Crymod and Sandbox3

There is a nice new version of the Crymod site now and that means all new goodies for those of us playing with the wonders of the CryEngine. This all coincides with the release of the Sandbox3 SDK for CryEngine3.
I havent been working with the engine much of late, maybe this is the spark I need to dive in there and really start creating. We even got ourselves a groovy graphics update on the PC pulling in all manner of DX11 goodness. The features are covered in this article on showing off the tesselation, water, pen-umbra, motion blur, particle shadows, DOF and the lsit goes on. The article has plenty of nifty animated-gif comparisons to show how much nicer ULTRA can really be now.

[DX11 CryEngine upgrade images via]

Here is the Launch Trailer - just how good does this look:

Though this video is in german, we can see the improvements as video here again:

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