Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter Conclusion

The final film in the epic series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 brings a highly dramatic and combat-centric end. We have been treated to something special in seeing the actors grow up through a series of films in just the same way as J. K. Rowling's superb novels.
The last movie looks huge up there on the big screen, filled with wizards, spells, mythical creatures and a host of characters we have grown to love through the previous films. The trailer gives a taste of the experience:

The film was wonderful to see, I couldn't recall much of the detail of the book, so it was all coming as a surprise to me. There was emotion buoyed by the soundtrack (Alexandre Desplat) and the awesome soundscape and audio effects - they all combine to draw us right into the world they have created. The effects work is top notch, they haven't skimped on anything with some very complex scenes all brought to life for us. While our child actors may not inspire on some fronts, they are now very much their characters and so it all works. Seeing the teachers come together in the siege of Hogwarts is heart-warming stuff.

Incredible how the book is still skimmed through, even given 2 full films - but that isn't criticism. The film format excels in different areas to the books - all up we get a great movie experience as the conclusion to the 8 film Juggernaut.


Concept art is always cool for such things, hypable has a suite of works for the film by Stuart Craig. Here are a few cool ones:

[Harry Potter 7 pt2 concept art by Stuart Craig via hypable]

-- EDIT --

I was talkign about teh epic sound that accompanies the epic film - well here is a little vid talking with the sound designers about that very thing:

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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