Friday, 22 July 2011

Tablet Computer Experiment Coming

While I still like my iPad, its capability as an actually productive tool is rather limited. While I can find a way to do a range of things with enough apps and configurations and workarounds it doesnt naturally do any of these well really.

Sooo I have been looking at alternatives which deliver a suped up experience - a full OS delivering the cool capability of all the apps we love to use. I have a no mercy laptop already for the 3D app, realtime work and more serious graphics, what I need is portability.

The brand new MacBook Air is a very tempting little piece of kit, it is perhaps the sexiest computer on the planet, thin, elegant, good specs and with full OSX Lion running. I was toying with one in JB-HiFi and it is just gorgeous. I like the Mac OS for many things and for what I would use the machine for the software choices would be fine.

But I have decided to explore a slightly different sphere, inspired a little by the idea of the ASUS EP121 and UNSW agreement with HP I am getting in an HP 2760P. Running win7.64 it can wield the same apps I have on my main machine plus brings a few special extras to the table. The convertable form factor means I can tap away in meetings and have all the multi-tasking and serious software at my disposal. The touch screen should make for a nice experience for browsing and flicking through things like images or presentations.
The main experiment however will be to try digital sketching and colouring using the active pen and WACOM digitiser. Armed with Photoshop, SketchbookPro or similar - will this be a mobile art platform. I am interested in how devices like this might fit into the digital usage of the Built Environment courses as well - but lets see how it actually functions first...

[Apple MacbookAir and HP 2760p product images]

Both these devices feature the Intel 3000 graphics solution (currently #204 on Notebookchecks graphics benchmark list) This wont set any 3D graphics records but I am hoping it will run things well enough to make using the WACOM tablet a nice experience withh the battery giving up after 3 seconds.

I was just thinking how these 2 computers are a little like a Global Santoku knife vs the Leatherman Skeletool CX.

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