Sunday, 3 July 2011

Transformers 3 Concept Art

The insanely detailed alien robots that smash their way around our screens doing Michael Bay's bidding all start with some very cool concept work. Here is some for Transformers 3 which shows the evolution of the work of the first two films. Clearly it is a complex thing to create the CG robots, putting all this energy into the concept pieces is also quite epic.

Josh Nizzi's site has a heap of his work on TF3 and here are a few that inspire me (heaps more on the site):

[Josh Nizzi Transformers 3 concept art via his site]

Warren Manser's site gives us another view through his Transformers 3 concept pieces, again heaps on his site and a couple of choice picks here:

[Warren Manser Transformers 3 concept art via his site]

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