Sunday, 3 July 2011

Transformers 3

Headed in to see the 3rd of the Transformers films, extra enthused after seeing 2 of the stars at Supanova. So to IMAX 3D for Transformers Dark of the Moon we went with much enthusiasm for a 2.5 hour trailer of superb proportions. Is that a little unkind? Well there is enough incredible footage is gigantic 3D relief to fill a million trailers and with Steve Jablonski's super score it is hard to go wrong.

The huge IMAX screen is exploding with robots tearing apart buildings, any humans who get in the way and each other. The effects work is nothing short of remarkable, it must even ILMs rendering hardware bleed - so much complexity.
Emotionally the film only has a few moments which make us care much about the characters though, and doesnt bring us into their story as successfully as it should. The first film did a far better job here, now the characters are much more going through their predeturmined motions. The plot is harder for me to think through, there are certainly lots of plot elements - some of which are actually very clever - yet they dont quite fold together to make a nice origami swan (a swan featuring giant robots smashing into each other). But maybe that doesnt matter, we do get the full transformers experience, cars, trucks, planes, explosions, goodguys, badguys, betrayals, girls and a reluctant hero somehow surviving in the midst of the chaos with the world in peril.

There are lots of nice moments as we get film and character references thrown in, plus the special sounds and the 3D is just what a gigantic film like this should be.

[Promo images from Transformers 3 via the official site]

The whole thing is still WOW - as was seeing the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 trailer on the IMAX screen - stupendous!

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