Monday, 22 August 2011

Chesterfield Invasion Worsens

I am enjoying working through the CryENGINE 3 tutorials, in the cookbook at the moment rather than the online ones (at least for now).
Various bits of my island have played host to little experiments with terrain, boids, decals, vegetation, roads, textures and a slew of environment settings. Some things just work, others seem tricky like voxels and some settings which dont seem to apply straight away - but fall into line eventually. My HP 8740W is performing very well actually - which is making it all very enjoyable.

For MvB, there are a couple of technical threads going. This thread is looking at the CryEngines and the various creation toolsets. There is also the 3ds Max tutorials I have started looking at character and asset creation as I will need the moths, butterflies, architecture and forest. Sound-wise I will have a look at Audition now that it is just part of the Creative Suite. To take a break from the keyboard and mouse I keep popping over to do more sketching as well which I love.


Anyhow, the map really has a calm spookiness about it, the Chesterfields have truly taken over, from small to huge. You cant even escape them in the water and with the parameters tweaked they can be seen dotted across the landscape far and wide. It is fascinating how something so innocuous has such an eerie feel to it, our minds desperately trying to make sense of it all, trying to divine some meaning. What do all the Chesterfields mean, what is going to happen...

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