Monday, 8 August 2011


First a little tribute to the artwork of Council using the CryEngine. I love seeing amazing worlds created in 3D, and am all the more impressed when they are delivered in a real-time environment! So here is a little inspiration and I hope to bring some of this depth into my Moths vs Butterflies work.

Link[Council Cryengine artwork via his DevianArt Gallery]


More inspiration, cant go past the superb fantasy world creation by MadMaximus. I have looked as his work before - but wow it is still superb. The detail and complexity on top of such focused design is wonderful to see. There is alot of character to bring forward into MvB from this work - the environments of the Butterflies and the Moths should inspire a closer look in just the same way. See his InCrysis thread as well, more stunning imagery of the same world.

Link[MadMaximus Cryengine artwork via his DevianArt Gallery]


Lastly the latest images of Eorzea by Ulysses182 which shows the epic scale possible with the engine. Having the mist of the waterfalls permeate the dreamy quality of the environment is beautiful.

[Ulysses182 Cryengine artwork via his CryMod thread]


Tempted to get a reference book - maybe the CryENGINE3 Cookbook

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