Tuesday, 23 August 2011

DMTB and Greeble

I was looking at some of the early submissions for the Design Modelling - Time-Based course where they are exploring 3ds Max and video by submitting a whole pile of short experiments. The students individual blogs have all their vids and some are quite fun - I like how we always find videos that have things in them we would love to know.


Thus the segway into a little peek at the wonders of Greeble. Klanky's little plugin has been around for a while and can now do complete magic through subdivision and generation of model complexity. I like seeing things like this where it takes some thought and design from a human mind then uses computation to generate the insane complexity for us.

Lets have a look at what some 3ds Max artists can do armed with Greeble via the Greeblelicious site:

[3ds Max images using Greeble via Greeblelicious by: ollle, Richard Rosenman, Corentin SEGUIN de BROIN, Stefan Morrell & BilboX - SHRUNK]


ollle said...

The top right image from ollle (that's me) was done with Cinema 4D :-)

Oinkfrog said...

ollle - it is a super pic mate - gratz