Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Expose 9

When Kinokunia had another of the 20% off sales on art books the other day, it was just a matter of what, not if. After much changing of minds and flip-flopping I walked out with a shiny new copy of Ballistic's Expose 9. 'Finest digital art in the known universe'. The book is graced by an array of artwork pieces across a suite of categories totalling some 444 pieces by 327 artists. There is so much digital candy here that it can actually be hard to stop on each image long enough to see all the depth and refinement. You can see a little preview of the inside on the Ballistic site, but that only gives you a feel for the real deal.

With the purchase come a code that allows download of a set of videos and files (brushes etc) by artists featured in the book. We get Ruoxing Zhang's walk-through vid of her cover above, plus Frederic St-Arnaud's walk-through of his 'The Decline of Babel Myth – Jacobsen War' image.

CGSociety have had a few features now covering artists and pieces from the book. David Fraher's Architectural piece I may have covered before, but I do love Meny Hilsenrad's still life, 'Classroom Scene'.

[Classroom Scene - THE MAKING OF from Studio Aiko on Vimeo]

[Classroom Scene by Meny Hilsenrad creation images via CGSociety]

The production quality of the book, is wonderful and I personally prefer this soft-cover feel. The printing is gorgeous throughout and I do like having the info about the software used with the title and artist of each image. This reinforces how this is all digitally created and gives a little insight into the production (though only a hint really). While the quality and execution of the portraits, still life & architectural work is flawless, it is the character concept pieces that I am drawn to most - all that nifty implied detail.
Current favourite is maybe 'Servant of the Castle' by Yongming Yang (pp104)

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