Monday, 1 August 2011

MvB Concept Sketch Compilation 8

After a good talk with Steve @ COFA about my project and getting back on track to complete the MDM, I scanned in some of the concept sketches for the Moths and Butterflies of late and have compiled them here.
Some of the things I have been playing with here include a greater amount of 'sexual dimorphism' (I like that term, just a greter difference between male and female). So now the females have the curvy lower half producing that waist-to-hip ratio, plus the eggs can be in the abdomen section quite neatly. The males lose their lower half altogether, replaced with an almost whip-like tail/tendril.

These sketches dont show much emotion, but they continue to flesh out the idea. I was explaining the premise to Alicia yesterday when she asked why I was sketching more Moths 'n' Butterflies. She did seem to like the ideas, though thinking about it later I need to work on how to have 2 main perils. The idea that there is the underlying evil to be defeated, but to do that the protagonists need to elude the peril presented by the ongoing warring between the two species does add complexity until all is revealed.

In talking to Steve he covered a fascinating workshop he was involved in with Ian McCaig where they re-envisioned and developed a story and concept-set for their take on the Pied Piper. Some of the concept sketches were simply superb.
Anyhow, I likes the pics of their whiteboard, showing how their 3 act structure developed and fleshoed out over the period.

For MvB, I might see if I can strengthen the structure with this classic approach next.

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