Monday, 15 August 2011

MvB Concept Sketch Compilation 9

First up some sketches showing more of the difference (primarily cultural) between the Moths and Butterflies. Note that the Butterfly jewellery is now much more geometric rather than swirly which helps differentiate them from the tangled biological look of the Moths.

With the core deliverable for the MvB project being the environment at present, here are some more sketches of the critical Architecture (Butterfly buildings in this case). You can see this mixture of flamboyant craftsmanship and more crystalline & geometric shapes. I am not sure how to draw all the complexity and detail that I envisage would be present in these structures, need to work on my implied detail skills.
The structures need to feel light and colourful as well, with gems and translucent shimmering surfaces that these sketches barely hint at.


As far as the project goes, I have been working my way through a DigitalTutors video series reintroducing me to 3ds Max. We have stated making our pod-racer which is fun.

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