Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MvB glimmering sketch

Ultra quick colouring of the sketch set of Butterfly structures showing the kind of glittering nature of the architecture a little better.

Little bit on process for reference:
Scans of sketchbook first, then in photoshop using the Curves I drag the top right of the line to the left until it is after the large peak that basically represents lots of very light stuff like paper grain etc. Then I curve the main line until I get some nice contrast without losing the pencil or tonal texta clarity.Last step is to desaturate the whole thing to make sure it is just greys.
The colouring here was using a variety of brushes (with some pattern mostly) on a layer (set to Color mode) with lots of 'color jittering' in the brush to get that dynamic colouring effect.

I am looking forward to working on some of these ideas in 3D as I can ramp up the detail in symmetrical shapes very fast.

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