Saturday, 13 August 2011

Screenwriting Intro Keys

Here is a short but focused little video talking about 5 Keys to Irresistible Openings on ScreenwritingU. Advice on getting the most out of those first 1-3 pages to get engagement from a reader or producer.

5 Keys to Irresistible Openings
  1. Commit to engaging the reader
  2. Give us white space
  3. Lure us into the story
  4. Deliver character in action
  5. Use interest techniques
ScreenwritingU has other fun things like their articles/tips with things like Send Your Character to Hell.


While I have been spending time with 3ds Max tutorials and more sketching, I think some more attention on the scriptwork behind the characters will help MvB be stronger. At the moment the goal is still to concentrate on creating the environment, the place, the world - but through that world I would love to present the stories and characters, even though it can only be a preview of the fully realised story.

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