Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shuttle, Bikes, Storage, Raytracing and 120Hz

Just a quick grab-bag blog post here of some cool stuff I have sitting in my open tabs.

There is something very cool about these budget red Backblaze babies that sport 134TB in 4U. Storage may feel cheap when we look at a little usb drive or a Drobo, but at bigger scales it gets trickier. I like both of these babies for different reasons, I can see a Drobo on my desk/shelf and would love to see UNSW with an army of Backblaze racks for all that research data.

[Backblaze data centre and Drobo box]

With the conclusion of the Shuttle Program, there were plenty of tribute posts out there in blogland. The Neatorama post features this gorgeous NASA image and I just love the lighting as well as the majesty of space travel that is invoked here:

[NASA Shuttle takeoff photo via Neatorama]

Yanko Design have created this concept bike called the INgSOC which looks simple spectacular. The idea of riding along with this is the equivalent of driving around in a Porsche concept car. The bike is hybrid electric as well as sporting this amazing look - see more images and info on the site.

[Yanko Design INgSOC bike via the official site]

For gaming 3D goodness we need 120Hz monitors, have been looking at the new Samsung S27A950D 27" screens for the office.


Videos showing people create things are just plain cool, here we have a raytracer in 24 mins - inspiring to watch.

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