Friday, 2 September 2011

Batman Hush

Just finished the Batman Hush TPB from 2002/2003 featuring the incredible talents of Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams. I picked it up the other weekend and I was actually surprised how engrossing it all was - the mystery drew me ever more deeply into the graphical world created by legend Jim Lee. Every panel is a feast for the eyes - showing off this star studded story.

Everything here is inspirational and shows what a graphic novel can be. While I am a fan of less-is-more in terms of characters, here it feels like the showcase of allies and the rogues gallery roster is there for a reason. That said, it is one of the things that annoys me about many of the superhero films, they try to include too many villains at once. A movie isnt big enough for two most times - see how well the Dark Knight works - just one lime-light-stealing villain is required.

In Hush, the art is superb enough to make each page something that could grace a wall and inspires me to look through it multiple times. The men and women are gorgeous and they look every bit the superheros they are as they leap about on rooftops and succumb to their various Achilles heels.

[Batman:Hush pages via : shrunk]

I read the full TPB over a few nights and loved how my drifting off to sleep was filled with all things HUSH. Clearly Jim Lee enjoyed bringing all these characters to the page and Jeph Loeb seems to have enjoyed spinning us a tale. The production quality of the book is excellent, glad in this case not to have it digitally as it looks great on my desk. I didnt mention the inking and colour work - both of which are super.

All up this was one of the coolest comic experiences I have had for a while, Batman and his supporting cast are great fun esp under the pencil of Mr Lee.

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