Tuesday, 1 November 2011

HP2760P and SketchBookPro

A little while ago now I finally got an HP 2760P to replace my iPad as the portable computer in my life. While the Star-Trekky coolness of the iPad was great, as an actual tool it was left wanting in almost every regard. I am a computer user and to be hamstrung by the apps and the IOS logic at every turn meant either a great journey or just greatly reduced functionality and efficiency.

So, rather that just going back to a baby laptop or ultrathin I decided on a convertible tablet PC. This way I got the small form factor, the fully functional OS (and all the apps that run on it) plus retained the touch screen as well. In fact the HP 2760P screen is a fully functional WACOM tablet with pen so the lure of using it for graphics work was high.

The Windows7 OS isnt super at doing touch as yet and many of the apps assume that it is easy to press a key at some point which isnt easy when in full tablet mode. For example Photoshop's navigation and tool controls often need the shift or control keys etc which is too hard in this mode.

I am loving the portability of the device and the i5 version I have is quick (though it isnt too much more to get the i7). The handwriting detection is surprisingly good, though even my junk typing is generally  faster anyhow.

One of the first pieces of software I was keen to try was SketchBookPro as it works nicely with the touch and pen interface (not perfectly, but nicely). Over the last few weeks I have done a handful of little sketches of various Moth and Butterfly characters and here are some of them. Clearly I have plenty of practising to do, but I think it shows merit as a sketch tool for me...

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