Friday, 4 November 2011


Got to watch the Thor bluray the other day and they have done a great job in bringing another Avenger to the screen for us. This time we have a tale spread across the stars as well as time with our gods living so long. The environments of Asgard and Jotunheim contrast so beautifully with the simplicity of the New Mexico desert and township. We get another stirring tale of powerful people strugglign to understand their role in things, but in this case the main struggle is far far away with the politics and struggle between the mighty Norse gods and the Frost Giants which spills over onto Earth.

Kenneth Branagh assembled a great cast, we get Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins bringing their class to Aussie Chris Hemsworth's ripped Thor. The sound stands out in the film (as it has in many the recent superhero movies) - lifting the experience for us into the other realms and to the right plane for thinking all supery.
The occasional tie to the Avengers here reinforces this concept that we are leading upto something huge, something that will require Nick Fury's whole team to tackle (plus with Joss a the helm, whats not to love).

The CG and visual effects were stellar, the world of the front giants feels cold, the magical technology of Asgard transports us there and the blasts and power of our God of Thunder are fully integrated. See the CGSociety article for more detail and some great production images like these:

[Thor CG imagery via the CGSociety article]

Here is some gorgeous concept art done for the film by Michael Kutsch and Craig Shoji. They have each designed and captured character, environment, prop and mood of these grand places and the heroes/villains - inspirational stuff. See their respective sites for much more, but here is a taste:

Michael Kutsch

[Thor concept art by Michael Kutsch via his site]

Craig Shoji

[Thor concept art by Craig Shoji via his site]

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