Saturday, 15 January 2011


I decided it was time to get back into the Sandbox2 editor so I can start fleshing out the world for Moths vs Butterflies in a 3D environment sense. So picking up my little test map I was plying with the vegetation and other settings. At one point I decided to let Sandbox2 vegetate my island using all the types I had been exploring and cablam I was surrounded by a super sense place with all the rocks, trees and brush anyone could handle :-)

Future Planes

There has been a sequence of posts on Inhabitat with aircraft design and sustainability themes. Some of the plane designs from NASA, Boeing, MIT, Honda and more are bursting with technology and some interesting design. (link link link link link link link link link :-)
Here are a few images from the articles that show off the promo design imagery from the various projects, not sure what software was used to generate the models and renderings.

[Aircraft design work from various articles on Inhabitat]

Friday, 14 January 2011

MvB Coloured Concept

I did a quick colour treatment of one of the recent Moths vs Butterflies sketches and here it is. With colour, the impact of the jewellery and the vibrance of the Butterfly culture is more apparent.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

3rd Person Cam

I like this video, a PhD student from UTSI has rigged up a camera so he can navigate around the place as if he were playing in 3rd person (article on PP). It isnt as flexible as many 3rd Person cameras, he cant look down much or turn the camera with the same ability as we are used to, but the idea is pretty cool.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some Machinima

I like a good piece of Machinima, the creative use of the game worlds, characters and stories is often fun to see. The Trashmaster is perhaps the longest piece of Machinima I have ever come across at a full hour and a half. Built using GTA4 this is sweeping tale set in New York (Liberty) with and one tough sanitation worker who takes on the criminal elements. While I admit I havent watched the full thing from beginning to end there are some super examples of framing, camera angles and shot sequences. We get a movie soundtrack (several films represented) and a cool chase sequence at the end.


Not machinima, but still fun - The Princess Bride Chatty Duellists sequence with light sabres (LINK)
Also fun is the Half Life 2 sound conversion, using his own voice by Trase (LINK)
Or how about some WoW Music video parody (LINK)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More Sonic Chilli Sketches

Been working on and off on the Sonic Chilli idea with Alicia, here are some more sketches from my sketchbook for the main four band members as they slowly evolve. I am not completely happy with how the scanning and then the photoshopping comes through here. The Cure editor is the main tool and it does a super job of bringing out the linework while eliminating the messy grain of the paper - but in the process some of the subtlety is lost as well. That said, pretty nifty process.
Alicia keeps hassling me to get them modelled in the computer - hrmmm.


On a separate note I see that CryEngine has no books on Amazon while Unreal (UDK) has quite a few books and DVDs covering using the engine for game development. EXAMPLE.