Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sandbox2 jungle vids

Here are some videos of other people exploring Sandbox2 with a focus on forests, jungles and trees in general. With the setting for the Moths vs Butterflies world so critical to the entire exercise, seeing how other people have used the CryEngine to create these nifty dense environments inspires. I am particularly interested in the custom vegetation and the complexity of the flora types and colours.

Crysis: Painday's Custom Jungle - WIP
Nice gnarly trees and those super huge roots.

Crysis GDC 06 Map
I like the serious ground cover on this map, takes away the ground texture altogether.

Crysis - Custom Maps (Part I)
This is the first video in a large and nifty series showing a host of Crysis mods and maps of all sorts.

Crysis Custom European Vegetation HD 720p
I am not sure if much of this custom vegetation is moving gently in the breeze that adds so much to the whole effect, but this custom vegetation really sets a nice European feel to the place.

Forest animation HD 720p Cryengine real-time Bokeh depth-of-field
I have looked at this incredible video before, but it does warrant a second or third look - it is simply stunning. This has much of the fantasy feel that would suit the MvB world.

Crysis - Nature / CryEngine 2 Time of day map
A lovely river valley with the trees rising up to the snowy peaks - a nice idea.

Crysis - New Flymode v1.0.0
Nothing to do with trees, but the need to have the character (and AI) fly is critical to the MvB realisation. Here is one flying flowgraph and shows how achievable the idea is, so Moth and Butterfly characters can follow suit.

CryEngine 2 Tutorials: Character Editor Part 1
This last vid is a tute showing the use of the character editor in Sandbox2...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sandbox2 and MvB test TODO

Bit more exploration of Sandbox2 today included plying with clouds, fog, more insects, light beams and various other misc particle effects. Sometimes my screen is full of bugs fluttering all over the place - looks super.

Here is my test TODO list for Moths vs Butterflies as far as Sandbox2 (CryEngine) goes:

Project setup (file structure and versioning)
Island scale
Ground texture painting
Rock, vegetation control of placement




_layers (floor, ferns, trunks and vines, canopy tallest trees)



Shafts of light (fog/dust)
Custom Vegetation (swaying vs not)
Glowing plants
Bring in custom geometry (buildings)
Bring in custom character model
Use custom character as player
Aerial AI (flying creatures)
Flying character movement
Capture video (detail level)
Still image render
Camera setup
Facial animation
Screen Menu
Positional Audio
Triggers (for sound)
On-Screen reader (for the story)
Triggered Events (storm, trailer, story, concept art, etc)
Time of day controller ingame
_Storm (wind)




Sickly goop (ground plus vapour)
Shimmering, reflective and translucent textures
Texture mapping details

Monday, 17 January 2011

Groovy Videos

This post is a little collection of some neato videos that are seriously postworthy.

Carmageddon 2
Some simple tweaking of the GTA engine and then some beautiful video production and we have the antics of car vs everything.

Eskmo Vid
Video clip for Eskmo by Cyriak Harris is a beautiful example of video editing (motion graphics) with an Inception feel that is just a joy to watch.

Lego Antikythera Mechanism
Take the design for a truly ancient machine/calculator, add Lego and you get an awesome reconstruction of this wondrous thing.

Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning
TED talk covering the concern of how we cater to boys in education (link to gaming).

Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat
Interview with Daniel Ericksonat GameCom 2010 looking at the design, writing and features of the upcoming BioWare foray into MMOs with the uber-license of the Star Wars universe. Coming soon and if they can release something mostly finished could be wonderful.

Oh and speaking of Star Wars, check out the Galactic Map on

Sunday, 16 January 2011

CGSociety 2010 CG Retrospective

CGSociety is one of my favourite sites for this industry and so it is always fun to see them pull together a years worth of advancement and class projects for us. Check out the 2010 CG Retrospective, below is just a little compilation of imagery that represents my favourites from the set.

More Sandboxfun

Continuing my exploration I redid all the vegetation using much more control of what went where. It took me a while to work out that it has set the minimum height on things to sea level and a few other details, but soon enough I had things looking much more realistic.
The screenshots below also have swarms of butterflies, fish and other animals - maybe you can spot a turtle.


While browsing the web for tips on some of the tools I came across verw3948's jungle map which shows off a more vertical forest which will be great for the Moths vs Butterflies environment for me.

[CryEngine imagery from verw3948 via inCrysis]