Saturday, 26 February 2011

Richard Illusion

You gotta love Richard Wiseman and here he is with a classic illusion. These illusions that we still cant believe even when shown how silly our brains can be are just awesome:

Comic Vids

Seeing the completed artwork of our favourite comic artists is one thing, seeing them performing their craft is a joy. Here are a few vids of legends like J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes, Moebius, Benjamin, Jim Lee and more:


Follow your nose from these vids to many more, Jim Lee has lots to drool over.

V4 Eyes

One of the regular pieces of spam that arrives for me is the store promo email from Renderosity. The quality of the rendering being done from Poser and Daz studio using character models like V4 (Victoria 4) are dramatically better these days. One of the things that used to let them down was how vacant their eyes could look. Combined with a vast array of full body and sub component morphs we get results like these below. There is clearly a trend towards spectacular eye makeup:

[V4 eye imagery via the Renderosity site]

Alice Studio

Here is a neat student design project that took a design through from concept, digital modelling and construction to realisation.
alice studio, a group of students from the ecole polytechnique fédérale de lausanne has built a spiraling viewing platform in zermatt, switzerland. located on the edge of lake stelli, the 'evolver' enables visitors to engage with and observe the panoramic landscape in a new and responsive manner.
Have a look at the coverage of the work on DesignBoom - here are a few images showing the progression. Try doing this without a quality digital model !

[Alice Studio imagery via DesignBoom]


These final photos remind me of our recent holiday which included a few days up in these wonderful Swiss Mountains.

Concept Art - Bulletstorm and Fable3

The ConceptartWorld site has become one of my favourites as it brings together work from around the net and that work is inspirational stuff indeed.

Bulletstorm concept pieces from the team at People Can Fly. I love the character designs, the detail in how their pants, belts, buckles and equipment all mesh together with all the varying materials etc. The artists also bring specific character traits to life for us, seemingly effortlessly - but doubtless it takes time and practice. How good does Trishka look - see more on ConceptartWorld

[Bulletstorm concept art via the conceptartworld]


Emrah Elmasli's concept art for Fable 3 shows off the high fantasy styling and again brings alive some complex and emotive costume designs for the various factions. This strong design ethic that binds together the cultural look and feel of characters, races and groups in games like these gives each a strong identity and builds clever responses to each decision around designing for them.

[Fable 3 concept art via the conceptartworld]

Friday, 25 February 2011

Enodo and Urban Life System

The new French based company Enodo have partnered with people like Crytek to create Interactive Virtual Models, real-time urban simulations that are looking great. The Urban Life System created a large scale immersive environment with AI cars and pedestrians on top of the CryEngine weather and visual splendour.
I have covered their early work at some distant point in the past, but they are fun to check in on!

These videos show off their urban landscape plus real-time models:

Here are a few images from their site showing project work.

[Enodo project work via their official site]

Star Trek Online Vids

If I was to dive into another MMO at the moment I think Atari and Cryptic's Star Trek Online would be the one. Here are a small army of videos/trailers that show off some of the interesting looking features from the license itself (Star Trek should translate to a game very well), custom content through the Foundry, space and away team missions, zillions of character and ship designs plus snippets of the dev team creating assets.

Plus here are a few Wallpaper images to show off the whole idea in artwork:

[Star Trek Online imagery via the official site]

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

City Evolution

Very cool little post on WebUrbanist showing the dramatic transformation of various cities over recent years. Steph's post: Then & Now: The Stunning Speed of Urban Development has images and some detail on cities like Dubai, Shezhen, Shanghai and many more.

Here are a few of the images to show how amazing it is:

[City development photos via WebUrbanist]

Crysis 2 Story Trailer

Harnessing the power of CryEngine 3 we have the Crysis 2 coming to our computers very soon now. This isnt just a visual feast, but a world with a serious plot and characters to flesh out a city under siege.
The Story Trailer sets the scene and has an epic film quality to it - finishing up by placing the fate of all in our hands. There are plenty of parallels with Half Life 2 for me, and that was a remarkable experience.

You can see the capability of the engine to handle high complexity and high quality all in realtime for us. The characters are looking great, even if the lip-sync isnt and so many characters onscreen at the same time with the lighting, effects and mood in concert with the music.

The sequence with the train crashing through the downtown station - incredible that we get this in realtime!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Dead Island Trailer

This remarkable little short film acting as a trailer for the upcoming game Dead Island is gruesome - be warned.
That said, it is a cinematic trailer for a zombie close combat FPS and the gore is part of this form of the genre. The video is so much more than that though, it is a haunting, emotional time distorting glimpse of the brutality that such events would bring to people and their family. The production (by Axis Animation) is full of class.

Again, gore warning, but a superb piece of work.


We have been thinking of playing Left 4 Dead 2 - getting some Coop gaming going.

Callebaut Design Renderings

Vincent Callebaut Architectures - inspiring us all with dramatic green architectural statements. The Belgian architectural designer clearly has a passion for design that takes on environmental issues. Becuase of that, his designs always find there way to Inhabitat as well.

In the Inhabitat article on the Physalia they write:
Vincent Callebaut, visionary behind the Lilypad and Dragonfly, has created a whale-shaped floating garden designed to drift through the world’s rivers while purifying their waters. The Physalia is a self-sufficient ecosystem that generates all the power it needs from the sun and works to reduce water pollution through bio-filtration.
One consistent trait in the images created for the various projects is the dreamy, clean rendering work for the quite complex design ideas. The colour pallet is bright, green, white and things take on an even more other-worldly feel in the night shots. There are a swarm of images for the firms many projects and here are a few to whet your appetite:

[Images of Vincent Callebaut Architectures work via their website]

Dove Evolution

Watching the Gruen Transfer the other day, they covered the Dove commercials starting with Evolution where we see the compression of hours of make-up and digital editing compressed down to a TVC.

Watch the main Dove Evolution TVC here.

[Dove Evolution image via]

Fascinating piece of advertising and exquisitely executed - see all the parody work done by an army of clever people on youtube as well.