Friday, 11 March 2011

Law Abiding Engineer

Here is a superb adaptation of the Law Abiding Citizen trailer bringing the Team Fortress 2 characters into the fun:

This wonderful piece of work is a real showcase for someone wanting to create something using a suite of tools (Max, Nuke , After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, VirtualDub) and some great source material. He did a great job of merging the idea the movie's characters and the TF2 ones.

Watch the splitscreen version or the original to get the full picture.

Benjamin Brosdau visualisation

Here is a little look at the work of Benjamin Brosdau who was featured on CGSociety following his success in the HOVER Visualisation Challenge on RonenBekerman. Benjamin's wonderful grasp of material is a joy to see - bringing texture and lighting together with the composition and design to make some wonderful images. His can clearly wield skills in modelling, rendering and postwork in photoshop. I am inspired by the clarity and attention to detail that gives such a feeling of completeness to these images. There is a nice 'Making of' post for his Hover entry - I always like seeing WIP things.
See his CGPortfolio for his furniture and full visualisation work and even the cool kit he has in TurboSquid.

[Benjamin Brosdau Hover submission visualisation images via - SHRUNK]

[Benjamin Brosdau visualisation images via xxx]

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Techy Bits

As always there are nifty new hardware bits being released or announced that are intriguing even in our fast paced world. Here are a few that caught my eye:

ASUS multi-touch all-in-one PC [ET2700 TouchSmart2] - more touch the merrier.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a pretty sensible idea of making the external keyboard on a tablet into a little dock/cover as well. Armed with Honeycomb in a few months these will be all the more exciting. See a little more on techradar.

Sony VAIO C Series - maybe just interesting because of the colour.

While Apple's launch of the iPad 2 is the same big pitch as always, I think the case/cover concept is pretty neat looking. March 25 for Oz and I know quite a few people hanging out for them already.

Lets finish with the upcoming Android 3 Honeycomb - should be very cool.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Beyond Balck Mesa

This new short film, Beyond Black Mesa, is set in the world of Half Life 2 and does a super job of taking us back into this world in a live action way. With the settings, effects and sounds all reinforcing the characters and logic. While the combine and zombies are nifty, I thought the environments were a standout, they did a fantastic job of bringing the map essence and detail from the game to us as real sets. Great stuff for all fans of the game and clearly a heap of work:

Oh, be warned we have zombies here again - just a warning for the ill-prepared.

Concept Artist: Thomas E. Pringle

[Thomas E. Pringle image via his site]

Time to check out a concept artist, draw some inspiration. Thomas E. Pringle's site has a range of imagery including drawings and concept pieces to check out - though there doesnt seem to be much updating going on. I do love the scale and majesty he imparts into the forms and framing and the way these talented artists can get implied detail to work for them is something I am keen to emulate/practice.

[Thomas E. Pringle images via his site]

Sunday, 6 March 2011

MvB Concept Sketch Compilation 4

Here are some more Moths vs Butterflies concept pencils. You can see further exploration, particularly on the butterfly side with body and facial form, armour, jewels and more. I like how the faces are definitely not human but are bringing out personality notions and are often pretty cute.

I am not so happy with these scans though, too much background grain which I seem to be struggling to eliminate this time - oh well.

Mixamo and Unity Training

I havent played with Unity for a little while now, but I have fond memories of the Cartographer project and the then upcoming Unity 3. With Unity 3 now doing great things, it is fun to see products like Mixamo support the engine. Mixamo supports much more than just Unity, but that was how I came across the tool.
Mixamo is a set of tools to help compose, manage and apply animations to characters in a range of software. Here are videos showing this off in DAZ Studio and Unity:


I noted that on 3DBuzz there is a full course using Unity in the creation of an MMO no less by Jason Busby. Check the site for all the details of the MMO online course.

Scary Moth

Here is a Yellow Moth photo I collected somewhere on the net (sorry for not recording this one). How huge, hairy and creepy does this fellow look. I can see several ways to bring this into Moths vs Butterflies - it goes to the whole feel of the world. Things need to stay light an approachable to kids, yet still carry enough meat to feel powerful, meaningful and also fun for us more mature viewers.

Tree Software

When I dove into Cryengine to do my first vegetation tests I had a poke around for software ready to bring in more trees, grass, vines, ferns and such. Getting into CryEngine may take some work, esp with the trees flowing in the wind etc - but here are two packages with some pedigree:

Linda Tree Generator

[Linda Tree Generator ]


[SpeedTree UE3 Foliage demo images by Epic via SpeedTree site]

Comic Wings

Here is a quick scout around for some comic/cartoon inspiration for wings in reference to the ongoing concept work for Moths vs Butterflies.

First up Pixie from the X-Men, who has fairy0like wings actually, but still interesting to see different artists tackle her:

[Pixie compilations from various comics via the mighty internet]

Next some compilations of some fairy illustrations/pieces. Butterfly fairies seem quite common, and I like some of the wing concepts shown here.

[Butterfly-like fairy pic compilations from all over the place]

Lastly another fairy compilation and one with Marvel's Wasp and Archangel:

[BUtterfly/Fairy characters plus Wasp and Archangel from all over the net]

MvB DigiSketch

While I love pencil sketching (will post more of those soon) here is one that I did in photoshop from start to finish. This is another study for the Butterfly race, I was originally going to have a character from the Moths side as well, but I liked how the white space was working in the composition. There are some work in progress images of how things came about as well.