Wednesday, 16 March 2011

MvB Quick Colour Concept

I decided tonight to dive in and grab this combined sketch and do a quick colour treatment under the pencils using a single layer and that's it. Here is where I got to - I kinda like the effect, trying to stay a little looser in the work. I think I could do better with implied detail, but I think these two convey a fair bit about the Butterfly race as they are.

The Monster Engine

Here is a fun idea well realised by Dave Devries that took a suite of children's sketches and then coloured/rendered versions of them into works of art using his style. The Monster Engine brings together the appeal of children's imagination plus view of the world and the artist's painting talent.

[Images from The Monster Engine via the official site]

I think many of us photoshop capable people could do this for the zillions of gorgeous little drawings that kids make every year... (Found this vis Abduzeedo's blog)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hover Winners

[Ronen Bekerman HOVER challenge 1st runner up via the official site]

A few days ago I was looking at the superb work of Benjamin Brosdau in taking out the Ronen Bekerman HOVER visualisation challenge. Well, why not at least pay a little tribute to some of the other successes in the competition. All of these show an incredible amount of work, passion and dedication - achieving some lovely images with style, mood and more.

[Ronen Bekerman HOVER challenge winners via the official site]

Sunday, 13 March 2011

MvB Concept Sketch Compilation 5

More pencil sketches for the Moths vs Butterfly character world. Here I am playing some more with the body plan of both races and how the racial character of each is overlaid on top. Some more tinkering with how 'alien' they can/should be - how close to human some of their features can be. I also did some thinking on how the male and female body patterns should work, getting the hourglass for the girls and the top triangle for the guys while having the bottom half work.