Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lion and a Campus

Well Apple is all in the news now, with their big WWDC announcements for OSX Lion, IOS5 and the new iCloud. Plus we can see their plans for the new Cupertino 'campus' which features a huge ring building for 12,000 employees.

Watch the full keynote from WWDC to see Steve and his gang introduce the features of these new software releases. Apple is pretty painful to watch in general (all the self praise and cheering), but there is some nice stuff and certainly lots of common ground with Win8.

I find it interesting the fixation with both OSes with full -screen apps now - we could already maximise apps that allowed for it - we watch video this wall all the time. Plus most of the time I like my apps in windows so I can use my screen for lotsa different things at the same time - maybe it is just me...

Anyhow, here is the vid of Steve Jobs presenting to the Cupertino Council his plans for the Apple Campus - some visualisation images in here, but nothing that flash...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Win8 and AsusUX21

Windows 8 news continues to come and the very touch-centric development is fascinating to watch. I for one am a little disappointed that there are essentially the 2 UIs, that we cant have a single UI that delivers the versatility and the full-screen lushness at the same time - oh well. I can see myself just living in the Windows mode and when I launch one of these new apps being annoyed that it took over my screen so I cant see my notifications, that switching is now more awkward etc.
However, there are nice things...

The Asus EP121 - makes a showing in the video - looking forward to see if this piece of hardware lives up to my expectations.
Speaking of Asus gear, here is a vid for a very Macbook-Air-Like superthin laptop, the UX21: