Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hansmeyer Columns

The spectacularly complex mathematically generated columns of Michael Hansmeyer were featured recently in an Inhabitat article "Incredibly Intricate Cardboard Columns Are the World’s Most Complex Architecture". The columns are generted through geometric algorithms then cut from thousands of layers of cardboard - when assembled the incredible patterns weave into existance.
Apart from being able to generate this level of complexity, I like the fabrication and being able to actually bring something like this into reality and out of the computer.

[Michael Hansmeyer column images via his website]

Here are some more images from his work with algorithms and geometry in his platonic solids series:

[Michael Hansmeyer complex platonic solid images via his website]

Here is an older video showing how some of this complexity arises as the maths has fun with a sphere:

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The guys at Floodslicer were just featured in a CGSociety article showing off their mighty Melbourne-based architectural visualisation work. The article looks at the approach they take on projects and some of the tech they bring to bear on things for clients. The article and their homepage both feature their showreel as well.
The Floodslicer page itself is very engaging, a cool gallery mechanic bringing their graphical product front and centre.

So here are a few images to show a snippet of what they can do, specifically a few renderigns for the AT38 Tower in Melbourne:

[Floodslicer visualisation images via the AT38 site]

Monday, 27 June 2011

SW Lego

When Star Wars lego first came on the scene - many moons ago now it was great to see this clever toy concept more formally bringing the legendary designs of the Star Wars universe to life. Before then we would try to create our own interpretations with bits of Space Lego, so we pretty much had to create our own designs inspired by SW.

The reason for this post is the enormous Super Star Destroyer model, featuring over 3000 bricks and certainly dominating any room it may dock in. While this would be incredible, I think I would prefer to have an AT-AT Walker - standing proud on the model shelf.

[Star Wars Lego via MTVGeek and the Official Site]

EP121 Drool

I am still very keen to explore how a device like the Asus EP121 could work as a mobile computer platform and as a sketching/drawing/doodling/markup/graphics tool. I am working with suppliers on getting one for us to try, though HN may end up being simplest.

Here are some more vids from people who have them and are doing cool things: