Thursday, 28 July 2011

Black, White, Paper, Eye and Tinsel

Lets start with BLACK. These dynamic sculptures are created by artist Yong Ho Ji from tires. The way he has used the form and texture of the material to convey musculature, tension, movement and material is something to admire.

[tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji via MyModernMet]

Check the coverage of his work on MyModernMet and Colossal where there are many more works to admire. I like this sort of art, one which does exhibit a clarity, but when you look closer you see more and more, plus there is clear and admirable effort & expertise.

[tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji via MyModernMet]


Now onto WHITE. Another sculpture artist, this time Motohiko Odani who has created these preistinely engaging works that have the same 'look closer' quality to them. There is more coverage of the work on Colossal plus their homepage.

[Motohiko Odani sculptures via Colossal]


Obviously we should go BLACK & WHITE next. Parka Blogs is a super site for art books and I particularly like seeing his reviews of the various movie and game development and concept art books. His recent post covering some of his favourites for the year includes Everything is its own reward by Paul Madonna. His review of the gorgeous coffee table book reveals some of the superb illustrations that bring such a desire to see this architecture.

[Paul Madonna art from Everything is its own reward via Park Blogs]


Staying with PAPER. I found these false eyelashes fascinating in the context of some of the concept designs I have been doodling away on for Moths vs Butterflies. They have that other-worldly yet artistic feel about them. The Paperself eyelashes are paper cut-out false lashes - the images tell the full story - check their site for heaps of options. Images via 2Threads and the official site.

[Paperself eyelash images via ]


Fluttering on from there are a heap more EYE treatments. While there are images of lash jewels and feather lashes about the place I thought I would give credit to Jangsara and her makeup blog. She has done a nice job of documenting all manner of experiments and commercial makeup - much of which is what I need for reference in MvB for both the Moths and Butterflies. Here are a few images showing off various effects I am looking to incorporate:

[Eye and lash makeup by Jangsara compilation of images from her blog]


Before we leave the eye I have to include a few images from shu-uemura who have some pretty snazzy eyelash options as well...

[Shu-Uemura falsh eyelash imagery]


Last stop is TINSEL which is simply to show off another makeup trick/trend - hair tinsel. These searches give the idea: vids, pics.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Avengers Concept Art

[Avengers art via]

One of the trends I love is how concept art is becoming more and more part of the buildup for a film release etc. Here is a nifty promo piece for the Avengers which shows off the characters as well as the cinematic history of the buildup. This is such a clever idea, we get full origins films for the main characters then an origins film for the group as well.

Above is the full image (by Ryan Heinerding & Co) then 2 of the panel closeups (see the Marvel site for more details):

[Avengers art via]

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Comic-Con Trailers and More

Just had to post a few cool things from Comic-Con 2011 way over in San Diego.

Here is the trailer for Mythbusters they used at their panel - what's not to love:

X-Men Destiny Trailer:

Star Wars: The Old Repuplic (gameplay footage not looking nearly as awesome as the rendered trailers):

Guild Wars 2: gameplay walkthrough and dev chat:

Stunning live inking of Star Wars car - wonderful stuff: